Top 16 Online Gantt Chart Software for 2022

The Gantt chart can be a pivotal instrument to ensure your project’s success… when used correctly. That’s why it’s imperative to choose the right tool for your business – so you don’t end up with just another expensive and unused tool in your toolkit.

But with so many different solutions on the market, choosing the best one can get overwhelming quickly. To make your decision process easier, we’ve put together a list of our top pics – from simple tools to much more comprehensive solutions that have incorporated Gantt charts into their solution.

What Is a Gantt Chart?

Simply put, a Gantt chart is a type of horizontal bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. First introduced more than 100 years ago, the Gantt chart has become one of the most widely used project management tools today. Especially beneficial during the planning phase, some modern Gantt charts can be used throughout the whole project for planning, time and task management, and much more besides.

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And while the idea of a horizontal bar chart showing a timeline may seem simple, the Gantt chart’s simplicity is what makes it so powerful. It’s because it can be so easily interpreted by the human brain – and because we can pack a great deal of sophistication into it – that the Gantt chart is so useful today.

Best Gantt chart software

1. Scoro

Scoros Gantt Chart screenshot

Scoro is the most comprehensive solution on this list and enables you to gather and manage all your work in one business management software. Scoro also offers everything you need to manage projects, including the world’s first agile Gantt chart. It’s the best tool for outlining your project in the planning phase and keeping track of progress from start to finish.

Top Features:

  • High-level plan & project details in one view
  • Phases and milestones
  • Real-time progress
  • Impact prognosis

What’s special about this tool: Designed for agile businesses, Scoro’s Gantt chart is incomparable to any other solution on the market. By centralizing your project data into one holistic platform, you can adapt to changes based on real-time data, not gut feeling.

Pricing: from $26 user/month

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2. Ravetree

Ravetree product screenshot

Ravetree is a work management software that allows you to visualize an entire project and its dependencies with Gantt charts, build task templates to streamline common work, and give clients real-time visibility into the projects.

Top Features:

  • Timeline view and milestones
  • Budget forecasting
  • Sprint management capabilities
  • Client portals

What’s special about this tool: Ravetree provides the powerful features needed by project managers while offering the usability and intuitiveness needed by the team.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans from $29 user/month

3. TeamGantt

TeamGantt product screenshot

TeamGantt is an easy to use solution for project collaboration and planning, where intuitive Gantt charts are combined with task level communication, file sharing, team resourcing, and more.

Top Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Portfolio views and reports
  • Project history
  • Guest permission

What’s special about this tool: TeamGantt enables project managers to invite clients and teams to collaborate on the same project.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial available, paid plans from $19.90 per month

4. Easy Projects

EasyProjects product screenshot

Easy Projects has an interactive Gantt chart that is highly intuitive and functional and enables you to manage dependencies, schedule your projects, and track project progress.

Top Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Task management
  • Dependency tracking
  • Capacity monitoring

What’s special about this tool: With Easy Projects, you can import Excel and MS Project files into the Gantt interface.

Pricing: Free 30-day trial available, paid plans starting from $24 user/month

5. product screenshot is a project planning software fully integrated with Google Apps, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Project. From planning to tracking progress and reporting, it provides a full suite of tools for you to meet your project goals and manage your team.

Top Features:

  • Task management tools
  • Gantt charts
  • Project planner
  • Timesheets

What’s special about this tool: is useful for remote teams as it lets you share and discuss projects online, create group discussions and invite team members to chat online or by mobile.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans from $15 user/month

6. GanttPRO

GanttPro product screenshot

With GanttPRO, you can manage projects with Gantt charts or a Kanban-style board and work together with your team members using comments, notifications, and attachments.

Top Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Auto scheduling and critical path
  • Comments and attachments
  • Board view

What’s special about this tool: GanttPRO allows you to import from MS Project and Excel and offers ready-made templates for quickly getting started.

Pricing: Free trial available, team plans from $8.90 user/month

7. Backlog

Backlog product screenshot

Backlog, an all-in-one project management and collaboration tool that enables users to plan work, track progress and release code updates in the app, making it ideal for software developers.

Top Features:

  • Gantt charts
  • progress tracking
  • Bug tracking
  • SVN and Git repositories

What’s special about this tool: Backlog allows project managers to quickly see which tasks are completed and which ones need attention through streamlined Gantt charts.

Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at $35 per month

8. ProofHub

Proofhub product screenshot

ProofHub is an all-in-one tool for project management, making it easy to assign individual tasks to multiple team members and prioritize tasks with deadlines and time estimates.

Top Features:

  • Markup tool for suggesting edits
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Real-time notifications
  • Chat tool for communication

What’s special about this tool: With Proofhub’s proofing tool, you can comment, discuss, and finalize a file in a single window.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, paid plans from $45 per month

9. Instagantt

InstaGantt product screenshot

Instagantt does a good job at stripping away the complexity of Gantt charts, enabling users to schedule and track their projects through an easy drag and drop system.

Top Features:

  • Dependencies & milestones
  • Custom views and fields
  • Multiple projects and workspaces
  • Risks and priorities

What’s special about this tool: Instagantt exports make it possible to quickly export your Gantt chart and send it over to the team and/or client.

Pricing: 7-day free trial, paid plans from $5 user/month

10. Proggio

Proggio product screenshot

Proggio collaboration solution incorporates powerful task management tools and allows you to track progress via streamlined project timelines.

Top Features:

  • Streamlined project timelines
  • Dependency tracking
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Project templates

What’s special about this tool: Proggio is one of the few project management tools that offer JIRA integration.

Pricing: Free 30-day trial, paid plans from $10 user/month

11. Clarizen

Clarizen product screenshot

Clarizen is a cloud-based collaborative work management solution that enables your team to view and execute a project plan for projects big and small.

Top Features:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Breakdown structure
  • Customized reporting
  • Salesforce integration

What’s special about this tool: Clarizen is a good option for those who need a more complex online Gantt chart software.

Pricing: Price available on request

12. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 product screenshot

Bitrix24 offers a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for your team.

Top features:

  • Gantt charts
  • Workload management
  • CRM
  • Telephone integration

What’s special about this tool: Bitrix24 has a broad set of features, from traditional project management to integrated telephone and HR systems or internal email.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans from $12 user/month

13. Redbooth

Redbooth product screenshot

Redbooth is a task and project management platform for team collaboration, discussions, and file sharing, that also offers Gantt charts and timeline views to manage activities easily.

Top features:

  • Kanban boards
  • Task transparency
  • Productivity reports
  • Zoom video conferencing

What’s special about this tool: With the Redbooth Chrome extension, you can manage tasks and collaborate from your browser in real-time.

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, paid plans from $9 user/month

14. ClickUp

Clickup product screenshot

ClickUp is another all-in-one project management solution that comes with Gantt charts enabling you to schedule tasks, manage dependencies and prioritize everything in a sleek project timeline.

Top Features:

  • Intelligent dependency-path tracking
  • Custom workflows
  • Kanban boards
  • Assign tasks to multiple team members

What’s special about this tool: ClickUp connects with the most popular platforms to unify the way you manage your business.

Pricing: Free trial, paid plans from $5 user/month

15. product screenshot is customizable workflow software that allows you to manage your team and track any project’s progress easily. With Gantt-style bar charts, users can set different task owners for different tasks and assign statuses to columns.

Top Features:

  • Multiple project visualization tools
  • Customizable workflows
  • Integration with various platforms
  • Easy to build project boards

What’s special about this tool: Monday’s interface is intuitive and color-coded, making it easy to set priorities, statuses, and deadlines for various tasks.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans with Gantt chart from $12 seat/month

16. Taskworld

Taskworld product screenshot

Taskworld makes it easy to organize projects visually with Gantt charts. Boards are intuitive and easy to customize, and you can assign as much detail as you need to any task.

Top Features:

  • Streamlined project workflow
  • Assigning teammates and subtasks
  • Drag and drop timeline feature
  • Easy task communication

What’s special about this tool: Communication is made easy with a built-in chat that minimizes the need for emails.

Pricing: Free trial available, paid plans from $12.25 user/month

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