Scoro's Gantt chart

Scoro Introduces First Real-Time Gantt Chart

You asked so we delivered. Yes — Scoro’s Gantt chart is here.

Today, we’re excited to add another new tool to our award-winning end-to-end work management software – a modernization of the traditional Gantt chart while centralizes information into a shared, holistic and real-time view.

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World’s first agile Gantt chart

First introduced more than 100 years ago, the Gantt chart has helped businesses visualize projects ever since. While it has been useful for high-level planning, the traditional Gantt chart is not enough to lead and complete ongoing projects successfully.

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It begs the question – why put so much effort and time into creating this detailed project timeline if your team won’t benefit from it the entire course of a project?

At Scoro, we didn’t want to create yet another Gantt chart already available for users – leaving people still frustrated about the shortcomings of most modern solutions. We were adamant about taking things to the next level with the world’s first agile Gantt chart.

Everything about your business, one click away

Manage projects from start to finish with Scoro’s Gantt chart

The first truly real-time Gantt chart, it’s the best tool for not only outlining your project in the planning phase but also keeping track of progress from start to finish. What’s more, Scoro’s Gantt chart will act as a central hub for all your projects and will always be up to date without manual updates.

A central hub for all your projects

Scoro’s Gantt Chart contains all your project related information. In a single view, you can track project progress, milestones, dependencies, tasks and calendar events, and even everyone’s workload.

  • High-level plan & project details in one view. Scoro’s Gantt chart offers a complete interlinkage between high-level and granular planning, all in one view. With layering, you can go as deep into detail when managing a project as you wish or get a quick overview of the project at a glance.
  • Real-time progress. No need to click and dive into other views and tabs to see whether your project is on track or falling behind. Progress bars automatically show actual work done (time logged), planned, and overdue based on the tasks on your team’s list.

Always up to date, without manual updates

Whenever work is done, you will see it automatically reflected in the Gantt chart without needing to update the start or end date of the task all the time. In case some activities are scheduled outside the task (and phase) time frame, Scoro’s Gantt chart also shows you the actual length of the phase compared to what was initially planned.

  • Dynamic project phases. When adding new tasks under the phases, the phase start and end dates will become dynamic and change according to the task dates. Dependent tasks are automatically rescheduled when something takes longer to finish, showing you the actual project duration.
  • Impact prognosis. See how a delay in one job (including different activities related to it) can hold up resources and affect everything else your company is currently working on or planning to take on. Besides, Scoro takes your team’s actual availability into account, helping to avoid bottlenecks and double-booking.

Want some help getting started with Scoro’s Gantt chart? Check out our support guide.

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