As our software partner, you will have access to the tools and know-how to manage your SaaS business, increase revenue and stay relevant in this era of cloud technology.

What is Scoro?

Scoro is easy-to-use cloud business software with a neat design and superb functionality for small- and medium-sized teams.
Scoro provides tools for productivity, collaboration and CRM as well as project management and sales force automation,
to name a few. Moreover, Scoro offers localized solutions for various European markets with country-specific integrations.

How does partnering with Scoro work?

Our Partners drive the relationships with customers, implement solutions, sell additional services, control invoicing as well as provide first tier support. They are the turn-to point for the Scoro end-customer. As long as the customer is happy (and of course using Scoro), our Partners receive a generous commission – simple as that!

We give our Partners advice on the sales process, tools for managing the sales pipeline and materials as well as support for marketing activities. Moreover, we provide free sales and technical training for your employees so you can start with confidence.

We are also interested in working with referral partners. Please contact us for further details.

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