Expensify Integration

Scoro & Expensify Integration

Get a real-time overview of your business with a comprehensive integration solution.

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Keep your projects and accounting in sync

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Automate Your Expenses

No more paperwork and emailing HR. Integrate with Expensify to file and approve expenses automatically.

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Links Expenses To Projects

Make decisions based on actionable data expenses, costs, budgets and more on a per-project basis.

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All Your Data in One Place

No more switching between tools and spreadsheets. View expense data in real-time and all in one place.

Why Scoro and Expensify?

Scoro's API integration with Expensify enables businesses to automate expense management and automatically link data to projects, saving time and creating the insights you need to make business decisions.

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Real-time Expensify data at your finger tips

  • Links with Expensify and dozens of other business tools, from Xero to Quickbooks or Zapier.
  • Make insight-driven decisions based on expense data and metrics, pulled together on real-time customizable dashboards.
  • Get automatically compiled reports so you're always up-to-date with results and progress.
Customizable Settings

Complete control of your expense data

  • Empower teams to continue using the tools they know and love, such as Expensify's easy to use mobile app.
  • Take control with dynamic tags, per-user processes and more, easily tailoring the integration to suit you.
  • Say goodbye to chaos and lost data. Sync data in real-time, so you're always in control.

What our clients say about us

Scoro helped us to increase our team's overall efficiency by 20%. We can now manage our entire company with a single tool.


Dan Stevens

Primary UK

We are a remote team, working internationally, and Scoro is the glue that holds it all together.

Jacqueline Conway

Jacqueline Conway


Scoro's highly customizable system matches perfectly with our company’s structure and gives a real-time overview of our work, sales and finances.


Bart De Wilde

Cross Media



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4.6/5 star-rating--46 rating icon
4.6/5 star-rating--46 rating icon
4.5/5 star-rating--45 rating icon

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