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Our team is constantly growing and we're always on the lookout for great talent, be it in software development, marketing, sales, or something completely unconventional.

Team Scoro

Scorers are bright, determined, and curious. If you are too – continue reading. 

We love structure! In our work, in our meetings, and sometimes even at our parties. There's always a smarter way to get work done. 

Most of all, we value dedication and enthusiasm to suggest innovative approaches and challenge the old ways. Life’s all about constant improvement, right? 

The Perks

The team, atmosphere, culture and a 4-day work week to name just a few.

It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever find more talented, fun-loving, and caring people to work with. We grow together and inspire each other.

A daily dose of laughter, awesome team events and a cozy, pet-friendly office space topped with a 3-day weekend, team events and lots of fresh fruits are vital components of great teamwork.

4-Day Work Week

Scoro is on a mission to make the 4-day work week a common business practice!

Our own work management software allows us to improve productivity and give our people back an extra day every week with no change in salary.

Some companies have implemented a “4-day work week” but are running compressed schedules making working days longer. At Scoro, we are giving our people back up to 42 days each year with no change in salary.

Our values

The most important thing about Scoro is our unique company culture, which is based on five key pillars – concepts which are important to us and shape the way we work.

We appreciate people who are pragmatic and easy to work with. There’s no fun in working to unrealistic deadlines or unclear expectations, so we don’t do those things. Instead, we prefer a practical, grounded approach.

  • We use common sense
  • We take clear ownership of everything we do
  • We take the initiative in solving problems

Time is the most valuable asset we have. Investing in structure helps us use it well. Whatever our specialty, we’re always detail oriented people who appreciate productivity and professionalism.

  • We respect each other’s time
  • We eliminate ambiguity wherever we can
  • We appreciate focus and avoid distractions
  • We are accountable for and respectful of data privacy

We may be able to achieve a lot as individuals, but we can accomplish much more when we work together. That’s why we value collaboration and team players – because whether we’re planning or partying, it’s always a group effort.

  • We put the team first, ego last
  • We have fun in everything we do
  • We are empathetic and humble
  • We don’t discriminate against anybody
  • We maintain a positive work-life balance

We have global ambitions about improving the way businesses work. We’re driven to make a difference and we don’t limit ourselves to doing it the way others do – not when we can create new standards ourselves!

  • We are curious
  • We seek continuous improvement and push boundaries, rather than settling for the status quo
  • We focus on our customers, not our competition

We run by the highest possible standards in everything we do. We’re obsessive about quality, we lead by example and we almost never settle for “good enough”.

  • We always maintain a growth mindset
  • We pay close attention to the details
  • We focus on making meaningful change
  • We adapt to new challenges quickly

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Building world-class software is not easy. Yet, our team has such strong belief in the mission and works hard every day to develop the most comprehensive work management solution for professional and creative services.

To make it all happen, we follow a simple formula:
➟ work together + play together = succeed together.


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