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December 2023 Version Update: Year-End Recap

In December, we’re focusing diligently on technical improvements to further enhance Scoro’s overall performance. With this, we’re getting ready to wrap up 2023 and one thing’s for sure – Scoro is ending the year bigger and better, with a host of new capabilities. We’ve put together a year-end list of key improvements for a quick look back. Are you already making the most out of these updates?

Work management:

  • Retainer management
    Manage retainer agreements with ease by setting up retainer-type projects designed to help you track and manage work and budgets across billing periods.
  • Revamped project view
    Try out the new project view where all project-related information is organized into focus-based tabs to improve navigation and make it easier to concentrate on one aspect of the project at a time.
  • Summary bar
    Use the project summary for quick real-time insights into key metrics – for example, how many hours you’ve already invested into the project, how much revenue you’ve earned with completed work, etc.
  • Planner improvements
    Adjust the order of scheduled events and time entries in the Planner with a simple drag and drop to create more specific agendas for the day. 
  • Shareable Gantt chart
    Share a snapshot of the current version of the Gantt chart with the client via a link to communicate the project timeline and align expectations.
  • Jira integration
    Connect Scoro with Jira to reap the benefits of Scoro’s powerful planning, invoicing, and reporting capabilities without upending your tried and tested workflows in Jira.


  • Quote-to-cash flow with role prices
    Set up default labor cost and selling prices for roles to use them on quotes. Build your whole flow around role prices – from scoping to tracking to billing.
  • New financial metrics in the project list view
    Track average billable rate, gross income, and delivery margins directly in the project list view.
  • Project budget charts
    Use the budget burn-up chart to visualize project progress over time and detect potential overservicing. Dive into the budget breakdown chart to track the use of the time budget on a role level.
  • Revenue recognition and forecasting
    Manually recognize and forecast revenue on a project level. Use the Revenue report to analyze this same data across the projects and assess the financial health of your business.
  • Shareable quote view
    Share quotes with clients conveniently via a link and get their immediate feedback through a chat in the same view to shorten the closing cycle.
  • Stripe integration
    Connect Scoro with your Stripe account to give your clients the option to settle invoices swiftly via an online link. Payment information is automatically synced back to Scoro, so you always have a real-time overview of transfers.
  • Exact Online integration
    Connect Scoro with Exact Online to seamlessly sync bills, invoices, and payments between the two platforms and maintain a full overview of your finances in both systems.


  • Reports library
    Take advantage of shortcuts to almost 50 reports that help you measure and analyze the key aspects of your business, such as productivity, utilization, revenue, cost, profitability, and sales activity.
  • Smart export for custom modules
    Export only the visible columns from custom modules and save yourself the trouble of cleaning up data in some other tool.
  • Revenue report
    Use the Revenue report to track manually recognized and forecasted revenue across all projects, month by month, to analyze your company’s financial performance and outlook.

Time management:

  • Time tracker shortcuts
    Save time and add time entries directly from the Time tracker. Finished work? Conveniently mark the time entry as done from the tracker.
  • Filtering and sorting of time entries
    Filter out only done or scheduled time entries in the task detailed view to reduce the noise and access relevant information as quickly as possible. Sort your time entries based on date, duration or billable time to better support your ways of working. 
  • Linking recurring events with tasks
    Link recurring events with task to quickly schedule each instance as a separate time entry under the task.


  • Advanced triggers and actions
    Use the triggers and actions functionality to easily automate repetitive parts of your workflows and set up notifications about changes that require your attention.


  • Access control for custom fields
    Limit access to any custom field by making it visible only to certain team members.
  • Google Sign-In
    If you’ve signed up to Scoro with a Google account, use the ‘Sign in with Google’ option to do away with several passwords and log in more seamlessly.
  • Global settings for calendar integrations
    If you’re an admin user, use global settings to manage Google Calendar or MS Exchange Calendar settings for all site users collectively to improve data quality and minimize sync errors.

Search & support:

  • Improved search
    Enjoy significantly improved search response time. Search is now performed module by module and results load instantly. You get to determine the order of searchable modules.
  • Help Station
    Click on the Help button in the top right corner to open up our dynamic Help Station, which serves as a one-stop shop for all product tours, articles, and videos.

And that’s not nearly all! You can find a comprehensive overview of everything we released this year in our blog.

Here’s to keeping up the momentum and working even smarter in 2024!

We’re working on…

  • Revenue forecasting. Forecast monthly revenue already in the sales phase. Get a full picture of your company’s financial outlook thanks to a revenue report which combines pipeline deals with ongoing projects.
  • Sage Intacct integration. Seamlessly sync invoices, bills and payments between Scoro and Sage Intacct to ensure data integrity and maintain a real-time overview of finances in both systems.

Wishing for your improvement ideas to come to life on your Scoro site? Send us feedback.


❗Not to worry, if your Scoro site hasn’t been updated yet, the update is rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.

We do our very best to make Scoro better every day, so we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think at [email protected].

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