July 2023 Version Update: Retainers Reimagined and Exact Online Integration

We are continuing our streak of action-packed version updates! Our July iteration is an absolute game-changer for anyone working on retainers, while also including numerous smaller project management enhancements. Users of Exact Online can also rejoice as we’re launching the trailblazing integration!

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Retainer Management

Retainer agreements, wherein the client pays a fixed fee for a set amount of services on a regular basis, are a great source of predictable revenue. Scoro now fully supports retainers as a separate project type, which means you can manage retainers with greater ease and run each billing period as a mini-project in Scoro!

To better support the retainer flow, we’ve updated the entire Budget and pricing section in the project modify view. You can now choose whether you want to set up a one-off project or a retainer. When opting for a retainer, you get to define the number of billing periods and the length of each period. Then you can set up either a time budget or a monetary budget (or both!) for each period.

Once the project is underway, Scoro will track the actual results against the budget to help you detect and prevent over- or underservicing across periods. You can filter out a single period at a time to closely monitor its budget, tasks, time entries, and related financial documents. The summary bar gives you an instant overview of how much of the budget and hours you’ve already depleted for the filtered period.

You can analyze budget burn by periods by clicking the View periods button. Enter the Modify view in the same modal to add, delete or modify billing periods. You can conveniently roll over hours and adjust the budget for any specific period.

Retainers are available starting from the Pro plan. You can find detailed instructions on how to manage retainers in Scoro here.

Project Management Improvements

Simultaneous modification of quotes. You now get notified whenever you are about to modify a quote that’s currently being edited by someone else. This minimizes the risk of any changes being overwritten when several people work on a single quote at once, improving collaboration.

Quote-to-task shortcut. One of the great time savers in Scoro is the option to turn quoted services directly into tasks. Previously you had to navigate back to the quote view to do that, but now we’ve updated the quote-to-project flow with a small time-saving prompt that lets you turn quoted items into tasks immediately after you create the project.

Linking events with tasks. In the event modify view, we’ve brought the Link with task field out of the dropdown menu for better visibility and easier access. This way you can you link events with existing tasks quicker. To save you some more time and ensure data integrity, Scoro will also automatically fill out related event fields, such as client and project name, based on the linked task.

Summary bar in the project view. To make it easier to stay on top of project progress and targets, we’ve introduced a new summary bar into the project view. It tracks several key metrics in real time – for example, how many hours you’ve already invested into the project, how much revenue you can recognize for the work you’ve completed so far, or how many tasks are overdue and potentially delaying the project. The exact contents of the summary bar vary, depending on how you’ve set up your project.

Exact Online Integration

With this update, we are also launching our long-awaited integration with the Exact Online accounting software. By integrating Exact Online with Scoro, you can seamlessly sync bills and invoices as well as payments between the two platforms and maintain a full overview of your finances in both systems. Automated data transfer helps to ensure data quality and integrity by minimizing the need for manual data entry and migration. You can choose between automatic or manual sync and maintain full control over the data flow.

Ready to take advantage? Read how to set up the Exact Online integration.

We’re working on…

  • Charts in the project view. Take advantage of data visualization to monitor time-based budget burn rate and understand whether your project is progressing on budget time-wise.
  • Shareable quote view. Reduce back-and-forth emails and streamline collaboration with your client by sharing a link that lets all parties access the latest version of the quote, provide feedback, and promptly confirm changes in real time.

Wishing for your improvement ideas to come to life on your Scoro site? Send us feedback.


❗Not to worry, if your Scoro site hasn’t been updated yet, the update is rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.

We do our very best to make Scoro better every day, so we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think at [email protected].

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