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18 Best Event Management Software in 2022

NO MATTER how you ended up on this page, you reading this article probably suggests that you’re an event planner who’s tired of managing events on spreadsheets or multiple tools that don’t communicate with each other (and probably cost a fortune combined).

There’s a number of event planning tools on the market. From simple task management apps to more holistic solutions. Finding the right software suitable for you can be a headache, so we did the hard work for you and selected 18 of the best solutions on the market.

Regardless of the type of events you plan, event management software is an excellent option for minimizing overhead, making more data-driven decisions, and mostly – saving time.

Every event management software listed here:

  • Is relatively easy to use with little setup time
  • Has unique features that stand out from other event planning tools
  • Is by a trustworthy provider, with regular updates, great customer support, and high security

1. Scoro

Scoro Mobile App

Plan and manage memorable events seamlessly in one solution – from the first proposal to the final invoice.

Top features:

  • Task and project management
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Time tracking and billing for time
  • File sharing
  • Expenses and budgets
  • Team collaboration
  • Advanced reporting
  • Billing & invoicing

What’s interesting about this tool: No more running your company on spreadsheets! Scoro combines all the features you need for managing a successful event management organization.

Pricing: From $26 user/month

2. Function Tracker

Function Tracker

Streamline your business and venue, make bookings easy, manage your menus, roster your staff… and generally organize your events better.

Top features:

  • Event costings
  • Booking calendar
  • Menu manager
  • Contracts & invoices
  • Event Registration & ticketing

What’s interesting about this tool: Manage your invoices and payments with direct integration with Xero and MYOB Accounting Software.

Pricing: from $62.5/month

3. Bizzabo


Build event marketing programs, create on-brand digital experiences, manage event registrations, and take data-driven decisions all in the same event platform.

Top features:

  • Branded URL, SSL & email domain
  • Native event app
  • Session Registration
  • Agenda management
  • Polls & surveys

What’s interesting about this tool: Take sponsorship packages beyond a logo with interactive sponsorship opportunities. Offer sponsorships that engage attendees from polling to interactive app profiles.

Pricing: on request

4. Planning Pod

Planning Pod eTouches Event Management Software

Event planning platform that comes with 30+ integrated tools that are built to simplify how you plan events.

Top features:

  • Create floor plans, schedules, budgets and task lists.
  • Shared calendars, to-do’s, files/images, notes and messages
  • Track attendees and collect paid or free registrations plus RSVP details.
  • Manage business details like leads, proposals, invoices, contracts and e-signatures.
  • Collaborate online with team members, co-workers, clients and other stakeholders.

What’s interesting about this tool: Planning Pod helps you promote your events and reach out to attendees by building custom event websites.

Pricing: From $19 month

5. eTouches

eTouches Event Management Software

Provides over 20,000 event professionals with an end-to-end event management software with over 16 event modules with hundreds of features.

Top features:

  • Marketing and emailing
  • Event website
  • Event registration
  • Budgeting
  • Project management

What’s interesting about this tool: eTouches is a comprehensive solution covering everything from venue sourcing to mobile, marketing to logistics, integrations to ROI.

Pricing: on request

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6. EventCollab

Event Collab eTouches Event Management Software

Tucked into one convenient application, EventCollab is an online-based, one-stop place to collaborate, share schedules and documents, track time, assign tasks, chat, and more.

Top features:

  • Manage every element of your event from the schedule and resources, to assigning to-dos.
  • Save events and to-dos as templates.
  • Share every type of document from budgets to graphics, and CAD drawings.
  • Use circles for easy permissions and control who sees what.

What’s interesting about this tool: EventCollab lets you connect with everyone involved in your projects, including all external contractors and vendors.

Pricing: From $20 month

7. Eventbrite

Eventbrite Event Management Software

Set up, promote, and manage every detail of your event.

Top features:

  • Customizable online page
  • Invitations and emails
  • Social promotion and tools
  • Online RSVP management
  • Real-time charts and data

What’s interesting about this tool: You can add your public event to the Eventbrite event directory and be found easily.

Pricing: Free for free events, service fees apply for tickets sold

9. Azavista


This all-in-1 platform makes executing successful events simple and affordable by improving event experience, streamlining event planning, and providing data-driven reporting.

Top features:

  • Event request workflow
  • Task & project management
  • Registration & participant management
  • Onsite check-in & badge-printing
  • Program & Session Management

What’s interesting about this tool: Stop sending endless emails to find the perfect quote that fits your needs. Book meeting rooms, catering, speakers and much more without leaving the platform.

Pricing: on request

10. Grenadine


A professional cloud software that helps you plan and organize events including conventions, conferences, product launch, and seminars.

Top features:

  • Invite/register attendees
  • Manage speakers/participants
  • Get paid as tickets sell
  • Event budgeting and Finance

What’s interesting about this tool: Grenadine allows attendees to build their own schedule for the event.

Pricing: from $79.95 month/user

11. Social Tables

Social Tables Event Planner

Build direct relationships with the right leads throughout the event lifecycle.

Top features:

  • Powerful analytics
  • Easy distribution on marketing channels
  • Interactive floor plans
  • Live collaboration

What’s interesting about this tool: Show everyone exactly how a space can fit their needs, to win more clients or a larger budget.

Pricing: from Free and paid plans from $99/month

12. Ems

EMS event planning software

Manage rooms, resources, services, people, and everything in between using one system.

Top features:

  • Create reservations
  • Invite attendees
  • Track resource usage
  • Generate invoices
  • Create utilization reports

What’s interesting about this tool: Assign details, photos, floor maps, and resources to each space.

Pricing: from on request

13. Artifax

Artifax Event Planning

Designed by industry experts to meet the specific needs of people who manage commercial, cultural and community venues and events.

Top features:

  • Built-in booking wizards, user-definable templates and task-driven workflows
  • Create your own booking types, activities, statuses, cost centers and departments
  • Track resource usage
  • Generate invoices
  • Create utilization reports

What’s interesting about this tool: Assign details, photos, floor maps, and resources to each space.

Pricing: $360/month

14. Certain

Certain Event Software

Event automation software for forward-thinking event professionals.

Top features:

  • Engage attendees with personalized experiences.
  • Deliver a fully branded event.
  • Achieve ROI by capturing deep attendee insights.

What’s interesting about this tool: Give each attendee a unique experience by using event data to deliver real-time communication, session recommendations, personalized agendas, and appointment matches.

Pricing: on request

15. Arlo

Arlo Event Planning Software

A total solution for managing training and events.

Top features:

  • Online registration
  • Event & course management
  • Website integration
  • e-learning
  • Customer relationship management

What’s interesting about this tool: Create beautiful looking training and event websites on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and all another leading CMS.

Pricing: from $99 month/admin + usage

16. Gather

Gather Event Management Software

Gather helps the whole team to stay up-to-date, from the COO and the event planner to the chef and everyone in between.

Top features:

  • Embedded lead forms
  • Customer relationship tools
  • PCI-compliant payment options
  • Plan and track all events from your phone or laptop
  • Monitor past, present and future bookings

What’s interesting about this tool: From proposals to invoices, Gather automatically generates, updates and stores all event-related forms and documents in one place for easy access.

Pricing: on request

17. Hubb

Hubb Event Management Software

Hubb automates the complex workflows & tasks required to collect, manage and market content for your next conference or meeting.

Top features:

  • Collect, select, manage & update session content
  • Save 100’s of hours of manual work by using task management
  • Market your event content quickly to increase attendance

What’s interesting about this tool: Whether your staff are manning conversation stations, expert locations or the registration desk, ensure you have the right people at the right place at the right time with the Hubb Staffing Manager.

Pricing: on request

18. Zkipster

Zkipster event managemenr

Event planning and management software created for the event, marketing, and public relations professionals.

Top features:

  • Guest Check-in
  • Event Reports
  • Custom Online Invitations
  • Dynamic Seating Charts
  • CRM Integrations

What’s interesting about this tool: Create events, guest lists, and guest profiles in minutes with simple templates, or easily import from spreadsheets.

Pricing: Pay by event or monthly from $169/month


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