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StrategiQ Chose Scoro’s Work Management Platform to Underpin Growth Ambitions

StrategiQ is a full-service digital marketing agency with 50 employees spread across multiple locations in the UK. Founded in 2013, they’re helping companies connect business objectives with marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.


In 2020 Tyler Webb-Harding, StrategiQ’s Operations Director identified a problem – that the teams’ existing project management tools would not scale with the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Their tools only provided coarse metrics, such as how time was spent and if projects were completed.

Agency needs and wants

The StrategiQ Operations team wanted full visibility of every task, as well as the ability to send and track purchase orders, invoices, communications, and meetings, all in one platform.

While the key requirement for StrategiQ’s Leadership team was to have a more effective way to track business metrics and create reports.

As a result, Webb-Harding began searching for a fully end-to-end work management solution that could cater to the unique needs of a rapidly growing mid-sized marketing agency.

Of the more than 20 tools which StrategiQ considered, only Scoro was able to deliver the level of reporting and data tracking needed to fuel the agency’s growth.

Tyler, StrategiQ

Tyler Webb-Harding, StrategiQ’s Operations Director

Tracking Project Profitability and Utilization with Scoro

Having selected and deployed Scoro, StrategiQ is now able to drive efficiency by tracking key data on:

  • Time spent on projects
  • Time spent in meetings
  • Project profitability
  • Resource utilization

Enabling Remote Work for Agencies with Scoro

One business challenge which StrategiQ couldn’t have anticipated was the announcement of a national COVID-19 lockdown just two days after rolling Scoro out internally. Suddenly, the entire agency landscape changed overnight.

“The pandemic made people work differently. Everybody is now working from home, and it’s changed how clients expect to work with us too.” – Tyler Webb-Harding, StrategiQ’s Operations Director

But Scoro supported the team in adapting to this challenge by enabling employees to continue tracking time and collaborating on projects in real-time. Additionally, Scoro centralized key business data into one location so that projects can proceed more efficiently.

Webb-Harding concludes:

“We feel that we finally have a tool that enables us to grow – and that will scale as we add more people to the team.”

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