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Team collaboration software

Project management, team collaboration, CRM, and billing – all in one solution.

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team collaboration software

Manage every aspect of your teamwork in one place

Work more efficiently.

Plan, manage & track your team's work, and get a complete overview of your project progress.

Collaborate with ease.

Move your team's collaboration from emails to a simple organized system.

Forget messy spreadsheets.

Send quotes and invoices, and keep track of every client and account.


Manage and share projects, schedules, files, comments, reports, and keep everyone updated.
team collaboration software
Project Management

Bring more structure to your work.

  • Create and manage an unlimited number of projects, tasks, and sub-tasks.
  • Give your team rights-based access to joint projects.
  • Create and delegate tasks with deadlines, priority levels, planned time, and more.
  • Comment on joint projects and tasks, and share files with your team.
  • Log both actual and billable time spent on tasks, projects, and meetings.
team collaboration software, team collaboration tool
Collaboration & Billing

Collaborate with your customers more efficiently.

  • Manage all your contacts in Scoro, and get an overview of each quote's and project's profitability.
  • Set multi-currency custom rates based on users, clients or projects.
  • Create invoices based on your quotes and work reports.
  • Send invoices in a few clicks by using pre-designed templates.
  • Set up automated overdue reminders and get paid on time.
  • Keep track of your all conversations and email exchanges.
team collaboration software
Team management & Reporting

Stop shuffling between spreadsheets and emails.

  • Get a complete overview of your team's performance with work reports that you can break down by dates, users, projects or accounts.
  • Get project progress reports that show how much work has been planned or completed, and the time left unscheduled.
  • Share all the important information on a real-time team dashboard: current projects & cases, upcoming meetings, crossed deadlines, etc.

Trusted by 10,000+ users all over the world.

Instead of using emails and spreadsheets to manage your team's work and collaborate with clients, get an all-in-one solution – Scoro.

Scoro helps both in-house and remote teams, making it the perfect team collaboration tool for teams of all sizes.

Not interested in changing the way you work? We thought so! You can customize almost any aspect of Scoro to fit your team's workflow.

Before Scoro, we used five separate applications that left us in the dark regarding the whole business picture. Now, we have a complete overview.

Jonathan Lee
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Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.

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