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Itero: Scoro’s Long-Time Implementation Partner in Latvia

Itero – a digital intelligence agency based in Riga, Latvia – is named after the Latin word for organizing and standardizing processes. In that spirit, they offer business software implementation, graphic design, web development, and online marketing services that help their customers increase traffic, improve sales, and boost customer engagement. The entire team – designers, developers, and consultants – deliver the majority of their work remotely, rarely having the need to gather in one place.

Founder and CEO, Reinis Zitmanis, is a well-known tech spokesperson in Latvia, having hosted a technology TV show, edited tech pages in one of the most prominent daily newspapers Diena, and appearing regularly as a speaker at events and conferences.

Having majored in Business IT, Reinis has spent most of his career managing online projects. “I remember my childhood in the early 90s when private computers were still a rare thing. I’ve always been excited about tech and knew early on that I wanted to work with computers in some way.”

Itero’s journey from client to Scoro’s partner

Itero first discovered Scoro business management software in 2012 as a customer when they were looking for a sales and work management solution that could cover CRM, quoting, and billing.

Having evaluated the likes of Trello, Asana, and several CRM tools, such as Base and SalesMesh, Scoro was selected. “At the time, the only solution offered in our native language with onboarding and support was Scoro. We were thrilled. Back then, the only alternative in Latvian would have been a massive Microsoft solution, and we weren’t a fit,” says Reinis.

Years on, Itero still feels the benefits of their decision. Having implemented an end-to-end solution that works seamlessly, offering the whole team an excellent overview and complete control of their work, they can’t imagine ever going back to switching between 2-3 different apps.

Reinis Zitmanis - Itero

“We first started working with Scoro for more than six years ago. It has been incredible to see how much the product has grown over time!” – Reinis Zitmanis

Evolving from customer to partner was a natural evolution, and Itero soon took up the role of reseller and service partner in Latvia and the neighboring region. With a strong track record in the consulting business and providing software solutions to their clients, this turned out to be a great match. Both companies were happy to work together, and Itero has been referring and implementing Scoro since 2013.

Zitmanis believes onboarding plays an essential role when implementing a comprehensive solution such as Scoro, with many customers feeling their company processes are unique and cannot be standardized. It’s often not the case, and onboarding enables businesses to quickly get a complete understanding of best practices that drive efficiency, productivity, and time-saving, which in return assures they’ve made the right choice.

He points out that, fortunately, challenges tend to be pretty similar across teams and industries – “From a consultant’s perspective, it’s important to listen to those issues genuinely. We deliver that extra mile with the customer, improving collaboration, increasing efficiency, and enforcing standardized processes.”

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What separates Scoro from the pack

Zitmanis says that in his experience, simple things make an incredible difference in business management. For example, being able to automate time-consuming manual tasks in Scoro has ultimately saved a lot of time and effort in the quoting process for both Itero and their customers.

He also compliments Scoro’s coherence that has needed very little change over the years. In his opinion, Scoro has a clear strategic vision that has been built on a solid foundation that has remained successful for 7 years – “I’ve seen other software completely restructure and change direction every few years, but this isn’t the case with Scoro.”

In his view, Scoro is an excellent solution from an end-to-end perspective because it helps to connect sales, project management, and finances. He believes he could not find one solution that would replace Scoro software for his team. “It would have to be at least two different tools for project management and finances. I wouldn’t like that for sure.”

For Itero, one of the main benefits of being a partner is that during the process of onboarding a customer, they can identify new ways of using the platform to resolve current business problems. “When training customers, I figure out new and better ways to use Scoro for our own business, and vice versa – improving the way I do something in Scoro will make it easier for me to tutor clients.”

“Last but not least, we praise Scoro’s support team. They are quick to help and answer any questions whenever needed – this alone puts Scoro miles ahead of the competition.”

Why become Scoro’s partner?

Whether you’re considering a business partnership as a way to grow your company and revenue or to gain more exposure, Scoro’s partnership is an excellent opportunity. We have quickly become front-runners in our sector, and we have a competitive edge over other software providers with our end-to-end solution.

Becoming Scoro’s partner also comes with many benefits. To find out more, please visit our Partners Program page and get started immediately.