2023 Champion in SoftwareReviews Mid-Market Emotional Footprint Awards

Scoro named 2023 Champion in SoftwareReviews Mid-Market Emotional Footprint Awards

SoftwareReviews, a prominent resource for insights on the software provider market, recently published its 2023 Project Management Emotional Footprint awards, naming Scoro as champion in the mid-market segment.

Scoro scored 99 out of 100 in the Net Emotional Footprint index and ranked top in the Value Index, where SoftwareReviews rated us at 93.

Scoro was rated particularly highly when it came to continual improvement, according to the results polled from verified end-user reviews.

SoftwareReviews explain that their Net Emotional Footprint (NEF) index is tracked by analyzing responses across 26 dimensions spanning five categories. The categories are: Purchasing, Service Experience, Vendor Strategy, Product Impact, and Conflict Resolution.

The NEF is a benchmark measure for how users experience and evaluate software on an emotional level. It accurately reflects the day-to-day user’s feelings about the software they have used over a prolonged period.

“Being recognized as the leader in our category for providing a great customer experience is a fantastic accolade. The fact our mid-market customers are deriving great value from using Scoro is the icing on the cake, as this is what we strive to deliver every day across our product and services teams.” – Dan Roche, VP of Marketing at Scoro

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