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Quoting Software
Are you still wasting hours after hour on manually creating all your quotes?

Are you creating all your quotes on MS Word and waste time flicking through emails to see which quotes have been sent out, confirmed or lost?

With Scoro quoting software, you can create and manage quotes and track their progress. Moreover, you'll get a real-time overview of all your proposals and prospective sales all in one system.

Quoting Software
All you need to standardize your quoting

Compile a quote and send it as a beautiful PDF-file in a few clicks. Your product library with predefined prices makes it extra fast. 

Create orders and issue invoices based on the same details. Standardize your quoting process by issuing quotes on customizable pre-saved templates.

Mark the progress of your quotes with statuses to instantly see which are accepted, rejected or delayed.

Quoting Software
Not just your regular quoting software

Link all your quotes with customers and projects to instantly see what has been agreed on.

Search, filter and sort your quotes based on statuses, customers, projects, etc. Bookmark any of these filtered views for quick access.

Use Scoro's collaborative system to manage your schedule, work, projects, sales, customers, finances, etc. for detailed reporting.

  • Quotes & Estimates

    Create and manage quotes in one system
    Track every quotes’ progress
    Standardize your quoting process &
    issue similar quotes on pre-saved templates

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    Get detailed reports on all your quotes
    Compare periods to see trends over time
    Filter and group information in countless ways
    Get an interactive KPI dashboard

  • Control & Management

    Manage all business processes in one system
    Collaborate with your team and share files
    Integrate all your currently used tools
    Access all your data anytime and anywhere

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