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Project Dashboard

Forget spreadsheets. Get a complete overview of your project's progress in a few clicks.

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project dashboard software

Tasks, progress and budgets - all on one page.

Work management

Manage your team's work and get a real-time overview of what is done and yet to be done for the project.


Track costs and expenses and create budgets to compare these against actual results in real time.

Reporting & Overview

Track both the actual and billable time. See all project related information, sales documents and files on one page.

Save 8+ hours
every week.

No more shuffling between timesheets and emails. Manage and track your projects from start to finish – all in one place.
project dashboard software
Real-time overview

  • Oversee every aspect of your project performance on one dashboard
  • Display all the important data such as planned work, upcoming meetings, crossed budgets, etc.
  • Customize your dashboard with unlimited widgets, metrics, etc. to track every KPI.
  • Integrate Scoro with your currently used software to track and monitor all your data in one system.

Trusted by 10,000+ users
in 30 countries.

In addition to tracking projects' progress, Scoro gives you the tools to plan your team's work, track time, manage clients, and compile quotes, invoices and much more.

Thanks to that, you can save up to 55% of the time you're currently spending on communication, meetings, and searching for information.

Moreover, you'll be able to track and improve your results in real time.

We spent a long time looking at different solutions but chose Scoro because it offered everything we needed at a cost effective price.

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Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.


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