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Accelerate your sales process! Configuring, pricing, and quoting complex deals is easy with Scoro.

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Save time

Use our templates to compile quotes and send them as beautiful PDF-files. Turn any quote into a contract or an invoice in a single click.

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Be in control

All your quotes are linked with customers and projects in Scoro, which makes them easy to find and manage.

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Track results

Get real-time reporting on every aspect of your work, broken down by products, services, team members, etc. to take action and improve results.

How is Scoro different from other CPQ Software?

While being easy to use, Scoro is not a simplistic tool – it helps you manage not just quotes but your entire company in one place. Moreover, Scoro’s reporting capabilities are incomparable to any other CPQ solution on the market.

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Supercharge your sales process

  • Standardize and simplify quoting using client profiles, standard quotes, and custom multi-currency rate cards.
  • Forecast future sales using probability, weighted values and estimated closing dates to instantly see if you’re on track to meet your goals for the coming months.

Cover any billing scenario

  • Automate billing, eliminate routine tasks and make accurate forecasts with scheduled, prepayment and recurring invoices, as well as late invoice reminders.
  • Use partial invoicing to easily charge your customer for services rendered and bill for the rest upon project completion.

A complete overview of real-time results

  • Enterprise-level reports covering every aspect of your business are automatically compiled and customizable – whether you want to see the big picture or zoom in on the details.
  • Set up custom shareable dashboards for every team in your company for a comprehensive summary of everyone’s goals, targets and KPIs.
  • Modify any relevant metrics and widgets when change occurs – effortlessly and according to your business needs.
  • You’re never limited to just one dashboard – add as many as you need to get a thorough overview of every aspect of your business.

What our clients say about us

Scoro helped us to increase our team's overall efficiency by 20%. We can now manage our entire company with a single tool.


Dan Stevens

Primary UK

We are a remote team, working internationally, and Scoro is the glue that holds it all together.

Jacqueline Conway

Jacqueline Conway


Scoro's highly customizable system matches perfectly with our company’s structure and gives a real-time overview of our work, sales and finances.


Bart De Wilde

Cross Media



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4.6/5 star-rating--46 rating icon
4.5/5 star-rating--45 rating icon
4.6/5 star-rating--46 rating icon
4.6/5 star-rating--46 rating icon
4.5/5 star-rating--45 rating icon

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