CEO dashboard

Get an instant overview of your company's performance, and make smart business decisions.

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Know how your team's doing
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A complete overview.

Get a real-time CEO dashboard and monitor your key metrics and important charts.

Less hassle. More results.

Track your work and get real-time work reports to evaluate your team's results and project progress.

Increased productivity.

Plan, manage, and track your team's time & projects to have an overview of every aspect of your work.

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Thousands of leaders monitor their business performance, and make informed decisions that lead to growth.
CEO dashboard
Get a timely overview in a few minutes.

  • See everything from your current month's budget, expenses, new leads and current debtors to your team's schedule and tasks – on a single dashboard.
CEO dashboard
Take action based on insights.

  • Scoro doesn't just gather the data to your CEO dashboard. You'll also get the tools to manage your projects, contacts, and finances.

Scoro's features

Everything you need to manage your company.
know your company
see real-time reports
Project management
organize your work
Contact management
keep track of sales
track expenses & bills
automate simple work
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Manage efficiently, and save hours of your team's time.

Instead of using five different tools to manage your company's finances, work, and clients, you can use a single tool – Scoro.

CEO dashboard gives you a real-time overview of each aspect of your team's performance.

Thanks to Scoro, you can save more than 50% of the time that you're currently spending on reporting, meetings, and double data entry.

Scoro's highly customizable system matches perfectly with our company’s structure and gives a real-time overview of our work, sales and finances.

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Scoro pushes and pulls your information to and from different apps,
so you’re finally in charge of the whole workflow.

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