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20 Best Resource Management Tools for Your Business

Resource management is the process of allocating and utilizing material, digital, monetary, and human resources. Businesses that allocate resources effectively eliminate unnecessary material consumption and increase their return on investment (ROI). Effective resource management entails the use of tools that facilitate resource leveling, capacity monitoring, and role-based planning.

Scoro, Meisterplan, and Float are tools that come equipped with features such as booking management, allocation heatmaps, and scenario-based planning. These features help businesses overcome challenges pertaining to the allocation, utilization and predicted requirements of company resources. 

Other tools, such as ActiveCollab, Precursive, and Hub Planner, come with features like task reports, capacity planners, and drag-and-drop scheduling. These features help companies determine required materials and allow them to make real-time changes to allocated resources. 

Lastly, tools like Kelloo, Resource Hero, and Retain come with features such as flexible reports and dashboards, utilization ranges, and resource pools. These features help enterprises search for available materials, set utilization protocols, and monitor their usage. Our top picks for the best resource management tools are mentioned below.

1. Scoro

Scoro Planner Screenshot

Scoro is an end-to-end workplace management software. It helps enterprises address visibility and management challenges and helps them allocate resources in a feasible manner. Scoro comes equipped with a booking management feature that allows supervisors to add company resources to calendar events.

This feature helps companies make efficient use of supplies, materials, and employees and allows them to avoid double bookings. It also comes equipped with utilization reports that managers can use to define individual capacity. These insights help supervisors allocate company materials based on current and predicted utilization.

Scoro also comes equipped with a budgets and forecasts feature that compiles organization-wide expenses. This feature helps businesses determine if their monetary resources are being used effectively and if they are sufficient for upcoming projects. Scoro’s all-in-one software helps businesses manage resources effectively by allowing them to harness predicted utilization expenses.

Key features of Scoro are mentioned below.

  • Bookings management. 
  • Utilization reports. 
  • Capacity monitoring. 
  • Budgets and forecasts. 

Pricing for Scoro starts from $26 per user/month.

2. Meisterplan

Meisterplan product screenshot

Meisterplan is a lean and collaborative project portfolio management software. It helps businesses ensure effective resource and capacity planning. Meisterplan’s team planner helps managers identify and utilize available human resources. It can also help them determine where resources should be allocated beforehand.

Its customizable allocation view helps project supervisors ensure time-based resource visibility. Insights derived from such availability allow businesses to ensure efficient resource allocation. Companies can also use Meisterplan’s allocation heat maps to identify materials that are currently in use. 

These heat maps also help supervisors configure allocation thresholds. Heatmaps can be used to define over and under-allocation of resources. Organizations can also use these heat maps to determine which company materials are available at the required capacity. Meisterplan’s lean and collaborative project management softwares helps enterprises improve resource management by providing improved visibility and allocation protocols.

Key features of Meisterplan are mentioned below.

  • Customizable allocation view. 
  • Allocation heat maps. 
  • Team planner.
  • What-if scenarios.

Pricing for Meisterplan starts from $99 per month.

3. Float

Float product screenshot

Float is a resource management, planning, and scheduling software. It helps organizations address challenges pertaining to resource planning and scheduling. Float comes equipped with a scenario forecasts feature that helps managers utilize company materials effectively. This feature helps them identify which supplies will be needed for a particular project. 

These insights can then be used to determine that the company has resources at the required capacity. Having resources at par with requirements can help streamline project workloads and ensure timely completion. Float also allows companies to allocate supplies based on utilization rates. 

Managers can use these utilization rates to determine how efficiently employees use company supplies. Float also allows managers to add category labels to tasks. These labels help employees use resources as directed. Float’s resource management, planning, and scheduling software allows businesses to leverage historical data and analytical predictions to improve the allocation of company supplies. 

Key features of Float are mentioned below.

  • Scenario forecasts.
  • Custom views.
  • Data-based planning.
  • Resource monitoring.

Pricing for Float starts from $6 per user/month.

4. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner product screenshot

LiquidPlanner is a predictive scheduling solution. It allows enterprises to determine the required materials and supplies and helps them improve their resource management. Businesses can use LiquidPlanner’s forecasting engine to predict when and how resources can be allocated. 

Managers can also use workloads view to monitor and analyze workloads throughout the organization. They can then use these insights to mitigate any resource allocation and distribution problems that may exist. Mitigating resource distribution problems helps companies streamline project activities and ensure completion within budget constraints. 

Enterprises can also use LiquidPlanner’s access roles feature to determine what users can see and do. The access roles feature can help managers limit employees from needlessly allocating company material and supplies. LiquidPlanner’s predictive scheduling solution helps businesses improve their resource management by allowing them to use predictive analysis, monitoring, and access control protocols.

Key features of LiquidPlanner are mentioned below. 

  • Forecasting engine.
  • Workload monitoring. 
  • Monte Carlo simulation. 
  • Access roles.

Pricing for LiquidPlanner starts from $15 per user/month.

5. Resource Guru

Resource Guru product screenshot

ResourceGuru is a simple resource management software. It helps companies cater to challenges regarding resource planning and management. Managers can use its clash management feature to avoid the over-allocation of company materials. This feature provides valuable insights regarding where extra supplies are either allocated or utilized.

Its availability bar also helps make resource capacity monitoring intuitively simple. Enterprises can use this feature to scan the availability of both human and material resources. These insights help managers efficiently allocate such resources to projects. Businesses can use its resource pool to improve the utilization of company materials.

The resource pool allows companies to monitor and track human and material resources. Project supervisors can use these insights to always stay on top of resource use and distribution protocols. ResourceGuru’s simple resource management software equips businesses with insights pertaining to material availability and utilization and helps them improve their resource management. 

Key features of ResourceGuru are mentioned below. 

  • Availability bar. 
  • Resource pool.
  • Clash management. 
  • Employee directory.

Pricing for ResourceGuru starts from $4.16 per user/month.

6. ClickTime

ClickTime product screenshot

ClickTime is a time and expense management application. It allows companies to optimize resource utilization and increase profitability. Supervisors can use ClickTime’s interactive resource planning dashboard to access allocation summaries. These summaries help supervisors avoid scope creep and runaway costs. 

ClickTime can also generate powerful employee insights that help manage employee capacity. Managers can use these insights to view available human resources, plan their working hours, and avoid overburdening the employees. It also comes with custom budget alerts that help companies utilize their monetary resources effectively. 

Using these alerts, managers can be notified when projects or activities exceed their monetary resource limitations. These custom alerts can also help managers prevent overspending and overservicing. ClickTime’s time and expense management application helps companies improve their resource management by providing them with valuable insight and custom alerts. 

Key features of ClickTime are mentioned below.

  • Employee insights.
  • Custom budget alerts.
  • Real-time visibility. 
  • Interactive resource planning dashboard. 

Pricing for ClickTime starts from $10 per user/month.

7. Kimble PSA

KimblePSA product screenshot

Kimble is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. It helps organizations address challenges pertaining to resource planning and staffing. Its cross-project scheduling feature allows companies to plan resource allocation according to the size and scope of the organization. 

Managers can also use its resourcing dashboard to get a full picture of the resources available. These granular insights enable supervisors to distribute company materials and workforce as needed. Companies can also use Kimble’s resource recommendation feature to improve the utilization of company materials. 

The resource recommendation feature allows supervisors to enter detailed criteria based on the importance of project activities. The recommendation engine then uses the criteria to determine which human and material resources are suitable for the activities. Kimble’s PSA software helps companies improve their resource planning and allocation by allowing them to harness granular insights and availability-based recommendations. 

Key features of Kimble PSA are mentioned below.

  • Cross-project scheduling.
  • Resource dashboard.
  • Recommendation engine. 
  • Scheduled hours management.

Pricing for Kimble PSA is only available upon request.

8. Epicflow

EpicFlow product screenshot

Epicflow is a global resources management solution. It allows companies to improve their resource management by helping them make informed decisions. Its real-time data analytics feature helps ensure that companies have access to updated project information. These insights can help project managers address resource constraints before they limit progress. 

Supervisors can also use its predictive analysis feature to determine material requirements for future projects. This feature uses what-if scenarios to predict resource requirements for future projects. The project supervisor can change one or more variables of the what-if scenarios to view different outcomes. 

Epicflow also comes equipped with a competence management feature that helps improve resource allocation. Businesses can use the feature to assign competency levels and allocate resources. Epicflow’s global resources management solution helps companies make informed decisions pertaining to resource management by equipping them with both real-time and predictive analysis.

Key features of Epicflow are mentioned below.

  • Real-time data analytics. 
  • Predictive analytics. 
  • Future load graphs.
  • What-if analysis. 

Pricing for Epicflow is only available upon request.

9. Active Collab

ActiveCollab Screenshot

ActiveCollab is a project management software. It empowers businesses with great features that help streamline resource management. Workload features, such as daily capacity and assignment overview that come with ActiveCollab, allow companies to monitor employee workload. This helps supervisors better manage the company’s human resources. 

ActiveCollab also comes with a roles feature that helps companies have more control over their resources. Using this feature, managers can appoint different roles for each user. Such configuration helps managers limit what a user can and can not do. It also comes equipped with a permission feature that can help improve resource utilization. 

The permissions feature allows managers to have more control over access and responsibility given to a user. Managers can use this feature to provide additional yet required access and permission to certain users. Once permitted, a user can utilize company resources as needed. ActiveCollab’s project manager software helps companies improve resource allocation by empowering them with access and permission controls and employee insights.

Key features of ActiveCollab are mentioned below.

  • Roles.
  • Permissions.
  • Task reports. 
  • Assignment overview. 

Pricing for ActiveCollab starts from $9.5 per month for three users.

10. Precursive


Precursive is a project management and PSA software. It allows companies to tackle resource management challenges by helping them track usage and improve utilization. It comes equipped with an easy-to-use planner that helps businesses schedule resources on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

Supervisors can also use Precursive’s capacity planner to allocate human resources effectively. The capacity planner allows managers to see which employees are available and are at capacity to deliver. They can use these insights to assign tasks accordingly and ensure project completion.

Precursive also comes equipped with a utilization tracking feature that helps companies determine how material and human resources are utilized. Supervisors can use the utilization tracking feature to see how resources are being used. Precursive’s project management and PSA software help businesses improve resource management by equipping them with features like capacity planning and utilization tracking. 

Key features of Precursive are mentioned below.

  • Easy-to-use planner.
  • Capacity planner.
  • Utilization tracking.
  • Work management. 

Pricing for Precursive starts from $40 per user/month.

11. Hub Planner

Hub Planner product screenshot

Hub Planner is a resource management software. It helps simplify the challenges pertaining to material and human resource management. Hubstaff’s bird’s eye view feature allows companies to always have visibility over all their resources. This visibility allows managers to identify ineffective resource utilization and production.

Hub Planner also comes equipped with a skills and location matching feature that helps make finding resources easier. Supervisors can use this feature to search for competent human resources based on a skills matrix, location, or role tag. This not only reduces the time needed to find quality resources but also helps ensure the resource adds value and improves productivity.

It also comes equipped with a dynamic heatmap feature that shows the availability of company resources. Managers can use these dynamic heatmaps to visualize resource consumption. Monitoring how company materials are consumed can help managers allocate them more effectively. Hub Planner’s resource management software helps empower businesses with heatmaps and skill-matching features that improve their resource utilization. 

Key features of Hub Planner are mentioned below.

  • Bird’s eye view. 
  • Dynamic heatmaps.
  • Drag and drop scheduler.
  • Skills and location matching. 

Pricing for Hub Planner starts from $7 per resource/month.

12. Klient PSA

Klient product screenshot

Klient PSA is an all-in-one automation platform. It helps enterprises improve their resource management by measuring employee skills, performance, and material utilization. Klient PSA’s resource planner allows companies to see the available supplies. They can then use these availability details to allocate resources adequately.

It also comes equipped with a performance and utilization feature that managers can use to measure how resources are used. The insight gained from the performance and utilization feature helps managers determine if the company materials were distributed effectively or not. 

Klient PSA also comes with a resource capacity analysis feature that can improve resource planning. Supervisors can use the resource capacity analysis feature to determine the supplies needed for current and future projects. Klient PSA’s all-in-one automation platform can help companies improve their resource planning and distribution as it allows them to harness features such as utilization and capacity analysis. 

Key features of Klient PSA are mentioned below. 

  • Resource planner.
  • Performance and utilization.
  • Capacity analysis.
  • Custom reporting.

Pricing for Klient PSA starts from $49 per month/user.  

13. Binocs

Binocs product screenshot

Binocs is a scheduling and planning solution. It can help enterprises address challenges pertaining to resource management by helping them streamline material utilization. Companies can use the Binocs dashboard to improve their asset utilization. The Binocs dashboard helps managers see the equipment used to perform certain activities. 

Managers can then use the equipment usage insights to distribute company materials for different tasks. Supervisors can also use the Binocs what-if scenarios to predict expected resource requirements in different scenarios. This helps supervisors secure such supplies beforehand.

Binocs also comes equipped with a batch tracking feature that can help improve the supply chain. Resource managers can use the batch tracking feature to communicate fact-based insights with the rest of the supply chain. Such communication protocols help companies secure required materials in a timely manner. Binocs’s scheduling and planning solution helps businesses leverage resource usage details to improve their material utilization. 

Key features of Bincos are mentioned below.

  • Binocs dashboard.
  • What-if scenarios. 
  • Batch tracking. 
  • Capacity planning. 

Pricing for Binocs is only available upon request.

14. eResource Scheduler

eResource Scheduler product screenshot

eResource Scheduler is a resource management and planning, and scheduling software. It helps companies efficiently plan and schedule resources for projects. It comes equipped with utilization reports that managers can use to analyze resource consumption. These reports help determine if company resources are being used effectively. 

eResrouce Scheduler also comes equipped with a custom resource type feature that can help improve resource allocation. Supervisors can use the custom resource type feature to create different categories and organize company material accordingly. They can then use these categories to allocate resources for projects in a timely manner. 

It also allows companies to utilize availability reports. Using such reports helps managers determine which company materials are available and can be allocated to different projects. eResource Scheduler’s resource management and planning software helps businesses improve their resource allocation and utilization protocols as it allows them to leverage powerful analytical reports. 

Key features of eResource Scheduler are mentioned below.

  • Availability reports.
  • Utilization reports.
  • Custom resource types. 
  • Color-coded heat maps.

Pricing for eResource Scheduler starts from $4 per user/month.

15. Planforge

ONEPOINT project screenshot

Planforge is a hybrid project and portfolio management software. It allows companies to analyze their resource consumption and improve overall material utilization. Project supervisors can use Planforge’s resource demand feature to determine which resources are needed for particular operations. 

They can then use that available material to solve organizational challenges promptly. Planforge also helps businesses improve their resource utilization. It comes equipped with a utilization analysis feature that generates visual reports. Managers use these reports to detect upcoming conflicts and resource overloads. 

Planforge also allows companies to use scenario-based planning. Using this feature, managers can run multiple what-if scenarios. Insights derived from the scenario analysis can then be used for resource planning for future projects. Planforge’s hybrid project and portfolio management software empower companies with resource utilization and demand insights allowing them to improve their overall resource management. 

Key features of Planforge are mentioned below.

  • Demand analysis.
  • Utilization analysis. 
  • Scenario planning. 
  • Capacity planning. 

Pricing for Planforge starts from $49.43 per user/month.

16. Ganttic

Ganttic product screenshot

Ganttic is a resource planning software. It helps companies manage resources according to their workflows. It comes with a flexible bookings feature that can make procuring resources easier. Managers can use the flexible booking feature to secure needed resources beforehand. 

Aligning resources with projects also helps avoid double bookings. Ganttic also comes with Ergonomic planning that helps improve resource allocation. Using this planning feature, supervisors can create and schedule tasks for employees or create unassigned tasks and add resources when the task is initiated. 

It also comes equipped with a simple drag-and-drop feature that facilitates real-time resource management. This feature helps project managers drag and drop resources to tasks based on changes in requirements. Ganttic’s resource planning software helps businesses manage resources according to their workflows by empowering them with flexible booking and drag-and-drop functionalities.

Key features of Ganttic are mentioned below. 

  • Flexible bookings.
  • Ergonomic planning.
  • Drag and drop functionality. 
  • Adjustable overviews. 

Pricing for Ganttic starts from $1.25 per resource/month.

17. Journyx

Journyx product screenshot

Journyx is an employee time-tracking system. It helps companies address challenges pertaining to resource allocation and costs. It comes equipped with a resource allocation feature that managers can use to assign resources to tasks. They can also use the resource allocation feature to automate the process of assigning resources. 

Managers can use their enterprise’s resource planning data to define automation protocols for assigning resources. Journyx also comes with a project monitoring feature that helps improve resource planning. This feature enables supervisors to have end-to-end visibility into project progress and the resources that are being used. 

Supervisors can leverage this visibility to make changes to resource distribution as needed. Companies can also use Journyx’s financial forecasting feature to predict resource costs. This forecasting feature helps managers secure the financial resources needed to acquire required materials. Journyx’s employee tracking system helps enterprises improve resource management by allowing them to automate allocation and forecast material costs.

Key features of Journyx are mentioned below.

  • Resource allocation. 
  • Project monitoring.
  • Expense forecasts. 
  • Process automation. 

Pricing for Journyx is only available upon request.

18. Kelloo

Kelloo product screenshot

Kelloo is a resource, project, and work planning software. It helps businesses improve resource planning by eliminating resource clashes and overutilization. Kelloo allows project supervisors to use utilization heatmaps. These heatmaps help supervisors determine how resources are being used and allows them to identify potential problems.

Kelloo also comes with a resource pool that managers can use to identify skilled human resources for projects and activities. Using the resource pool helps companies minimize the time required to find suitable candidates. Kelloo also allows companies to use a powerful yet intuitive report builder. 

Project managers can use the report builder to create and share reports with valuable insights pertaining to resource consumption. Sharing these reports helps ensure that all team members are aware of how company materials are being used. Kelloo’s resource, project, and work planning software helps companies improve their resource planning by empowering them with availability and consumption insights. 

Key features of Kelloo are mentioned below.

  • Heatmaps. 
  • Resource pool.
  • Report builder.
  • Workload and capacity forecasts. 

Pricing for Kello starts from $2.09 per resource/month.

19. Resource HeroResource Hero product screenshot

Resource Hero is a resource management and time-tracking solution. It helps companies improve their resource management by streamlining organization and utilization protocols. Businesses can use its groups and teams feature to organize company material. The groups and teams feature helps supervisors categorize resources based on departments. 

Managers can also use Resource Hero’s utilization range feature to improve how supplies are used. The utilization range feature allows managers to set the minimum and maximum number of hours a resource can be used. Setting such usage protocols helps eliminate the overconsumption of company materials and supplies. 

Project supervisors can also use Resource Hero’s dashboard to improve resource planning. The dashboard allows supervisors to monitor and update both current and forecasted resources. Such planning protocols help ensure team alignment pertaining to material usage. Resource Hero’s time tracking and resource management solution helps businesses use materials effectively by allowing them to categorize supplies and set utilization ranges. 

Key features of Resource Hero are mentioned below.

  • Groups and teams.
  • Utilization ranges. 
  • Resource dashboard.
  • Deep customization. 

Pricing for Resource Hero starts from $15 per user/month.

20. Retain

Retain product screenshot

Retain is a people-focused resource planning software. It helps companies improve their human resource utilization by allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Companies can use Retain to create flexible reports and dashboards. These reports and dashboards help them visualize the resource availability and utilization.

Managers can use insights derived from these reports to identify usage trends and bottlenecks. Project supervisors can also use Retain’s rapid resource planning feature to determine availability. This feature helps supervisors to search for unassigned resources. These resources can then be assigned to projects to ensure timely completion.

Retain also comes equipped with a resource scheduling feature companies can use to allocate employees to specific resources. Using the scheduling features helps managers allocate required resources to ensure timely completion. Retain’s resource planning software helps businesses improve employee utilization by allowing them to identify trends and bottlenecks and allocate resources accordingly. 

Key features of Retain are mentioned below.

  • Flexible reports and dashboards.
  • Resource planning.
  • Resource scheduling.
  • Capacity management.

Pricing for Retain starts from $21.65 per user/month.