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Scoro is an excellent Salesforce alternative for coordinating your sales process, and improving your team's performance. Manage every aspect of your business, including projects, sales and finances – all in one place.

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Three reasons why sales teams prefer Scoro over Salesforce

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Best value for money

Get more done in one advanced digital workspace instead of paying for and shuffling between 6+ tools.

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Packed with features

Manage contacts, projects, and tasks, compile quotes and invoices, collaborate and automate reporting.

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Advanced customization

Scoro is built to fit your workflow. Integrate with the apps you're using today and save valuable time.

Scoro vs Salesforce

Which CRM solution fits your business?


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Contact management

Opportunity management

Lead management

Sales dashboard

Financial reporting

Sales forecasting

Email integration

Time management




File sharing

Advanced customization


Price (user/month, for teams of over 5 users)

from $26
from $75


Supercharge your sales process

  • Create a company-wide contact base and manage proposals in a pipeline view for effective communication and billing.
  • Track individual and team sales targets, as well as sales budgets using customizable dashboards.
  • Add your key metrics and information to a KPI dashboard for a one-click overview of your sales process.
  • View real-time financial reports on sales, quotes, orders and compare two periods to see trends over time.
Powerful CRM

Your customers, just a click away

  • Forget about double data entry, spreadsheets, and endless email threads. Keep everyone on the same page by using the same solution.
  • Get a 360-degree overview of each customer on one page – including contact details, projects, files, quotes, communication history and invoices.
  • Create and send quotes and invoices to new and existing clients, and automate your sales process with recurring billing.
  • Standardize and simplify quoting using client profiles, standard quotes, and custom multi-currency rate cards.

Customer success stories

Scoro has really become the backbone of our company. It has enabled us to pursue higher quality in every single thing we do. From sales and finances to project management and accountability.

Monica Fernandez, COO

Mallol Arquitectos
Scoro video play

We feel that we finally have a tool that enables us to grow – and that will scale as we add more people to the team.

Tyler Webb-Harding, Operations Director

Scoro video play

We looked at several tools, including, Basecamp, and Asana, but none could offer the breadth of features that Scoro has.

Attila Probáld, CEO

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Results €550k revenue growth
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g2 best usability award winter 2022
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