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Reclaim your time with Scoro

Based on the usage trends of our active users, Scoro helps you decrease time wasted on busywork and routine tasks.

Please note, this tool is intended for informational purposes only and isn’t a substitute for professional management advice. The benefit of using Scoro depends heavily on the individual use case, current business processes, culture and ability to manage change.

With Scoro3.8 hoursevery week
Without Scoro8 hoursevery week


In status and ad hoc meetings by 60% – cut meeting time by keeping all project discussions and assets in Scoro.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 40%


On emailing by 30% – all project tasks and discussions are completed and available in Scoro.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 70%

Work reporting

On work reporting by 70% – get real-time reports and plan your team's time more efficiently.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 30%

Sales & finance reporting

On sales & finance reporting by 70% – bring quotes, invoices, tracking & reporting from spreadsheets into one system.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 30%

Searching for information

Searching for up-to-date info by 50% – all project assets from spreadsheets to meeting notes are in one easy-to-search place.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 50%

Searching for information

Requesting status updates or waiting for feedback by 50% – at a glance, get an update of project progress, sales prospects, customer communication, budgets & costs, without requesting updates from your team.

Without Scoro 100%
With Scoro 50%
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Invoices Scoro

Get a complete overview of your business

Scoro does what it says on the tin – it’s the only business management software that provides you with a complete toolset for managing your business.

Time management Scoro

Allocate resources and manage time more efficiently

Know exactly what your team’s time is going towards, set capacity and plan accordingly to make the most out of your resources, and save hundreds of hours.

Projects Scoro

Oversee project progress

Manage everything about a project on one page, including time spent and billed, planned tasks and meetings, budgets, invoices and expenses.

Finance Scoro

Take charge of sales and finances

Issue invoices and send these as PDF-files. Keep track of your purchases and costs, and automate late invoice reminders.

Sales Screenshot Scoro

Maintain customer relationships and never miss an opportunity

Compile and send personalised quotes directly from Scoro. Search, filter and sort your contacts, get a 360-degree overview of each contact, and manage your sales funnel.

Reports Scoro

Make decisions based on facts, not gut-feeling

Enterprise-level reports are automatically compiled for you, customizable by you – down to the smallest detail. See the bigger picture on dashboards by tracking the metrics, charts, conversions and actionable items that matter most to you.

Invoices Scoro

Customize Scoro to fit your workflow

Configure everything to match your business processes. Set permissions for each user, and use bookmarks to create hundreds of custom views and reports.


Integrate Scoro with your current tools to get a complete overview

Connect Scoro with 1,000+ tools, or use our full-featured API to build integrations with almost any software solution.

Mobile app visual Scoro

Your business at your fingertips

Scoro’s mobile apps for iOS and Android make it easy to collaborate in real time — changes are instantly synced across everyone’s devices.

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