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expense management software
Do you still manage your company's expenses on error-prone spreadsheets?

Do you spend hours managing your team’s expenses and receipts?

Scoro’s expense management software lets you track and manage all your expenditures and bills in one system. Moreover, Scoro gives you detailed expense reports to make sure you stay on budget.

expense management software
Flexible and accurate expense management

Track all your costs from purchases to wages. Link all expenses to customers and projects.

Get detailed reporting on different periods. Use accounting dimensions and customizable tags for advanced reporting.

Integrate Scoro with popular accounting tools to have all your financial data accessible in one place.

expense management software
More than just expense management software

Get a thorough overview of your company’s finances – expenses, proposals, invoices, and payments included.

Add all the relevant KPIs and graphs to your Scoro dashboard for quick access.

Use Scoro's collaborative system to manage your tasks, calendar, projects, customers, budgets, etc. and get advanced reporting on every facet of your business.

  • Budgeting & Finance

    Track and organize all your expenses
    Monitor budget deficit and surplus
    Issue sales, prepayment & credit invoices
    Get highly detailed budget reports

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    View real-time financial reports
    Compare periods to see trends over time
    Filter and group reports in countless ways
    Monitor KPIs & graphs on financial dashboard

  • Control & Management

    Manage your entire business in one system
    Collaborate with your team and share files
    Integrate all your currently used tools
    Access your data anytime and anywhere

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