Project Management Mistakes to Avoid: Delivery

No one wants to admit failure, especially to their boss, but poorly executed projects can create these difficult conversations. According to the Project Management Institute, 9.9% of every dollar invested in projects is squandered due to poor project performance, so it is fundamental for project managers to know the common mistakes to look out for to ensure every project is a success.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Scoro’s Richard Wright (Head of Marketing) & Simon Chapman (Head of Solution Engineering) that highlights issues to avoid, why, and what you need to consider for successful project delivery, including:

  • How to stay focused and keep the project on course
  • Why you should avoid micromanaging the entire project
  • Establishing the most effective communication channels
  • The importance of leveraging the right software solution
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Project Management Mistakes To Avoid Part 2: Delivery


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