Many businesses have had to accelerate the transition to a digital future, but where do you start, and how do you measure success? A successful digital transformation requires investments in technologies, people, and processes that drive business value. Success also requires effective governance and clear visibility of the business.

This panel webinar with Simon Chapman, Head Of Solutions Engineering at Scoro, Colleen Kelley, Managing Director at Stratford Managers, Marija Kiric, Sr. Director, Operations at sgsco and Patricia Travanti, Project Manager at Mallol Arquitectos provides insights into their journey through digital transformation and addresses:

  • How to get started and replan, prioritize and focus on maintaining growth
  • How to effectively manage change for your teams and avoid the ‘big brother’ feeling, through enabling connection and collaboration
  • What does the ‘new world’ look like, and how can you forecast in a much more efficient manner and be agile
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Delivering Digital Transformation and Maintaining Operational Excellence

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