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You have no idea what your team's doing?

Are you tired of collecting timesheets and shuffling between spreadsheets to evaluate your team's progress?

Scoro's employee dashboard lets you and your team track and manage your tasks and schedule, set goals, and compare these against pre-set benchmarks.

Get an instant overview of your team's schedule and past performance to make informed decisions and support your colleagues.

collaboration & team dashboard
Track everything on one page

Use metrics to see the total work time, completed projects, and budget fulfillment. Compare periods to see month-over-month improvement in your results.

Add widgets to display lists of your team's tasks, projects, expenses, and much more.

Monitor KPIs and charts to get detailed reporting on your employee's work performance and progress towards goals to contribute to your team’s success.

team dashboard
More than just an employee dashboard

Create multiple dashboards for tracking work, sales, and finances. Choose and configure every single metric and chart to your liking.

In addition to tracking metrics, you can share files, collaborate, and plan your team's schedule.

Benefit from Scoro's team management tools to handle your tasks, schedule, projects, clients, sales, budget, etc. and take your teamwork to the next level.

  • Reporting & Dashboard

    Have a complete overview of your teamwork
    Get reports on your work, projects, etc.
    Use a dashboard with graphs and KPIs
    Filter your data in countless ways

  • Time & Projects

    Align everyone’s calendars and tasks
    Share & access files when you need to
    Manage jobs & track their completion
    Keep your business organized

  • Control & Management

    Manage your team's schedule and tasks
    Store all relevant data in one system
    Integrate all your currently used tools
    Access all your data anytime and anywhere

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