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Business Continuum: Scoro’s Trusted Implementation Partner for AU and NZ

Business Continuum is a cloud workflow expert on a mission to help businesses maximize productivity using the cloud. Operating since 2014, the company was born in the cloud and exclusively works with top tier cloud applications. Their target industry sectors are agencies, accounting and architectural firms as well as engineers.

They found that each business had their own unique set of requirements and proprietary methods of project costing, that needed to be matched to the specific systems that they specialized in, as each system carried their own set of product limitations and customizability.


The main focus of Business Continuum has been on small and medium-sized businesses who want to eliminate static and manual business processes involving project management, accounting and expense management.

“Scoro was very helpful with training and advice on how best to implement the software for our clients in the early days.”

Working one-on-one with their clients, they review the current processes and identify ways to:

  • Enhance their workflows;
  • Minimize manual process;
  • Maximize the efficiency of their business through the cloud.

Scoro was discovered and researched to be an advanced solution that was highly customizable, offering greater flexibility around dashboard reporting and performance. This has been requested by businesses but was challenging to offer in one system (due to the varying needs of the businesses they served).

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“My favorite thing about integrating Scoro is that it has a solution to every problem because of its emphasis on flexibility and customization.” - Connor Reich, Senior Analyst

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There are many reasons why Business Continuum decided to partner with Scoro, but ultimately they wanted to be able to serve their clients better. They saw that most businesses needed at least 7 separate apps to capture end-to-end delivery.

Therefore, when they started to survey different CRM and project management solutions, their goal was to find software that would:

  • have the flexibility to meet the needs of the diverse client base;
  • offers a beautiful and simple user experience.

“We could tell very quickly that Scoro was rich with features that brought structure to businesses who wanted to scale and automate the quote to cash process and had never before seen customizable Dashboard which could accommodate hundreds of use cases.”

When Business Continuum started to offer and demonstrate Scoro’s capability to their clients, they validated there was exceptional functionality, and the benefits of an all-in-one solution was quickly realized.

“Scoro seems to always have an answer to the client’s problem, no matter how specific.” – Connor Reich

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Scoro and Business Continuum have established a very strong and successful partnership. Business Continuum is helping Scoro to offer a high-quality experience to various businesses in Australia and New Zealand. And Scoro has enabled Business Continuum to expand their client profile.

Business Continuum has worked with a range of businesses on Scoro, that have proven to outperform past client work practices, and delivered simpler administration, control and visibility of bottlenecks and increased throughput during busy periods. “Scoro seems to always have an answer to the client’s problem, no matter how specific,” says Connor Reich, Senior Analyst at Business Continuum.

“We have been amazed at the types of new client profiles we’ve been able to attract with Scoro.”

More than that, the benefits for Business Continuum have been twofold. In addition to a more diverse client base, they have also implemented Scoro in their own business.

After moving to Scoro for their business, they have found new control and visibility of the whole sales cycle through to project. Scoro has offered a great deal of flexibility and allowed every team member to find the most optimal setup to keep them productive.

“Scoro has given us real-time feedback on the performance of our own business.”

Among other benefits, Business Continuum also listed various reasons why businesses should consider partnering up with Scoro:

  1. Scoro is poised to help professional service companies instill a modern and fresh approach to project management with elegant simplicity.
  2. Scoro is always working hard on improving their product with many major releases each year, all with significant updates and feature improvements.
  3. Scoro is very open to suggestions on how the features could be improved, and they are keen to understand the unique requirements of other markets.

“Scoro is an exciting platform, with quality features, created by smart people.”

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In case, this article sparked an interest in you to become a partner, and you would like to find out more, you can take a look and see how you could become a Scoro partner.