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Scoro Wins Best Usability Award, Recognized as High Performer in Enterprise and Mid-Market Reports

We’re delighted to announce that G2, the world-leading business solution review platform, has presented Scoro with a number of its Summer 2021 awards.

This season, we’re especially proud to receive a total of 13 – including outright winner in two categories, and our first two awards at enterprise level.

Number one in Project and Portfolio Management

Scoro has again been awarded #1 Best Usability in Project and Portfolio Management, scoring a usability index of 8.73 based on ease of admin, ease of use, requirements met, and other factors. All of G2’s indexes are calculated using verified real user satisfaction ratings and data from online sources such as social networks, so that they represent real-world use of the software.

Scoro Best Usability G2Scoro awarded #1 Best Usability in the Project and Portfolio Management Usability Index


Once more, Scoro has been named the winner of Best Relationship in Project and Portfolio Management, scoring a relationship index of 8.98 based on aspects including ease of business, likelihood of recommendation, and quality of support.

Scoro Best Relationship G2Scoro with the highest score for Relationship Index for Project and Portfolio Management


In Project and Portfolio Management, Scoro has also achieved High Performer in the Enterprise Grid® Report, and High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® Report. Enterprise reports are based on feedback from companies with 1000+ employees, while Mid-Market reports are based on those with 51-1000 employees.

Scoro is highly suited to mid-market firms, but this scope of recognition reflects how usability is becoming increasingly attractive to enterprise customers looking to transition from clunky legacy systems to a more streamlined solution – and demonstrates how Scoro can cater to both ends of the market.

Winning at Work Management

Demonstrating high user satisfaction in this category, Scoro has been recognized as a Leader in the Grid® for Work Management for the first time. While project management software organizes tasks and resources for project teams, work management extends this collaboration company-wide to all employees, as well as to external parties.

Scoro Leader Work Management Software

Scoro named Leader in Grid® for Work Management

Continuing success in Project Management

Scoro continues to see success in this category, earning High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® Report for Project Management and Leader in the Grid® Report for Project Management. Scoro has made an impact at enterprise level here as well, receiving High Performer in the Enterprise Grid® Report for Project Management.

Scoro Enterprise High-Performer

Scoro named High Performer in the Enterprise Grid® Report for Project Management

An authority in Professional Services

Scoro’s merit in the PSA market has once again been recognized, earning it High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® Report for Professional Services Automation. Customers such as consultants, lawyers, and a host of other professionals are continuing to use Scoro to deliver insights into business processes to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Scoro High Performer Mid-Market

Scoro named High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® Report for Professional Services Automation

Clocking a lead in Time Tracking

Standing out from the plethora of time tracking software on the market, Scoro continues to be highly rated, with G2 awarding it Leader in the Grid® Report for Time Tracking. With time tracking being a core part of work management, and popular among SMEs, this accolade highlights Scoro as an excellent platform on which smaller firms can run their businesses.

Scroro Leader Summer 2021

Scoro named Leader in the Grid® Report for Time Tracking and CRM


A salute in CRM

Another first for Scoro is G2’s High Performer in the Mid-Market Grid® Report for CRM, and Leader in the Grid® Report for CRM. Helping businesses track and manage customer interaction in a single system, Scoro’s high satisfaction rating of 72 in the mid-market demonstrates that it has gained appreciation for this application.

Delivering in Product Management

Finally, Scoro has won its first ever G2 award for Leader in the Grid® Report for Product Management. While it is a relative newcomer in the category, Scoro’s design is clearly proving helpful for companies in all sectors to plan and enhance their product development.

What our customers say

As we celebrate both our new and continued successes this year, we know we couldn’t do it without the feedback from each and every user who has taken the trouble to leave us a review. So don’t take our (or G2’s) word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying this summer:

“We are able to complete our full project process in one program. CRM, Sales Pipeline, Quotes, Projects, Tasks, Invoicing, and Time Tracking. All of our project contacts, notes, and files are in one spot. It is quick and easy to see where a project is at, who needs to do what, and if we are ahead or behind. We can invoice within Scoro and track payments. Another benefit is that you can see [staff] utilization to make sure you are using everyone to their full potential.”

“Adding new team members to Scoro – whether employees or contractors – is straightforward and fast. In addition, we can customize projects or use task/project bundles for “repeat” projects to save hours each month. We researched nine project management tools, demoed three to four, and even beta-tested one before finding Scoro as the perfect fit. Our agency is a long-time customer and will be for many more years.”

“It’s easy to use and well-thought-out, with access to other areas of the system in any window. I love the planner with auto-planning assistance, the video tutorials, and the help (which actually does just that – help – unlike some other software companies). The support you get from the team is second to none. I am a visual person and like aesthetics, plus being able to use drag functions within the Gantt chart to be able to make changes more quickly.”

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