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40 Productivity Tips Used by High-Achievers [Infographic]

89% OF PEOPLE have admitted they waste time at work. The top three time-wasters at work are email, meetings, and social media.

However, there are some people who manage to be more productive and get things done. Want to know their secret? They have tried tens of productivity hacks and found out what works the best.

We all have 24 hours, 1 440 minutes, and 86 400 seconds each day. If you’d like to spend the best of this time productively, apply some of these 40 productivity tips to your daily routine.

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Merily Leis

Merily Leis

Merily Leis is a serial entrepreneur with a track record in the lifestyle industry. She's all about growth hacking, fun facts, and llamas. Follow her: @merilyy

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