6 Ideas from VICE and Scoro on the Future of Work [Video]

Last week we welcomed our UK clients and guests from the creative and professional services industries to our London office at The Frames in Shoreditch to hear more about the future of work. It was a great night with inspiring discussions from speakers including Mark Adams from VICE, and Fred Krieger from Scoro.

The Future of Work with VICE and Scoro from Scoro Software on Vimeo.

Generation Z – the workforce of the future

First we heard from Mark Adams, Chief Innovation Officer at VICE, who drew on research into the priorities of Gen Z to understand what the workforce of the future will look like.

Mark’s journey started in 2005 when he created the first digital consultancy to focus on celebrities and public figures. The company, which was eventually acquired by the world’s biggest talent agency William Morris Endeavor, quickly became the go-to “digital guys” for the Hollywood A-list and Mark had the enviable job of meeting all his heroes (easy) and trying to get them to change their businesses to embrace digital (not easy).

This year, The Guardian awarded him the accolade of “Star of Tech City” describing him as “one of the people who are changing our world and helping to boost economic growth.” He went on to be named in the “Silicon 60 Global Tech Entrepreneurs,” “The Most Influential Londoners”​ “The Sunday Times Top people in Britain”.

With the workforce of the future ever-evolving, it’s vital business leaders understand the employees will soon become leaders themselves. Some of the key takeaways from Mark’s speech include:

  1. Individual values are the most important aspect of identity for Gen Z: Business leaders need to understand the values their workforce hold dear and build an environment in which these are prioritized.
  2. Collaboration is the most important factor of success for Gen Z: Business cultures need to encourage and empower collaboration across teams to keep the new workforce motivated.
  3. Gen Z is hopeful for the future: Business leaders that acknowledge this characteristic and use it to their advantage will get the most out of the new workforce.

Mark Adams at the Future of Work with VICE and Scoro from Scoro Software on Vimeo.

To speed up, we need to slow down

Following Mark’s inspiring speech, we heard from our own Founder and CEO, Fred Krieger, about why businesses need to take stock of their processes to keep up with the speed of change.

Before founding the company in 2013, Fred worked in the music industry and currently balances his passion between music and technology. He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology sector. Besides being a successful leader in the tech world, Fred has also been an award-winning music producer and songwriter for more than 20 years. He has always been inspired by finding ways to be more productive, work more efficiently and getting things done by methods of time management.

In his talk, Fred shared insights on how to transform the way we work – from reactive to proactive, and on how to align your whole team by replacing chaos with structure. Key takeaways include:

  1. Time is money – but we continue to ignore it: There is an imbalance between the effort we put into saving money and the lack of effort we put into using our time effectively. Investing in a Chief Time Officer, even if this is symbolic, is the first step to address this.
  2. Weapons of mass distraction: Interruptions have a significant impact on productivity, often resulting in 25 minutes lost and three times more errors being made. Businesses need to address their working processes to minimize distractions and boost progress.
  3. Creativity can be managed: While micro-management has long been considered a bad tactic, the value of implementing increased attention to detail when it comes to systems and quality will boost employee’s ability to deliver on their briefs.

Fred Krieger at the Future of Work with VICE and Scoro from Scoro Software on Vimeo.

About Scoro

Scoro is the most comprehensive business management software loved by agencies and consultancies around the world. It combines project management, CRM, billing, and reporting – all in one place. So your business can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, from sales right through to billing.

Scoro has also been listed in the Technology Fast 50 list by Deloitte, in the Inc. 5000 list, and has been selected as one of the top software companies in EMEA by G2.

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