Scoro Tip For beginners

12 Quick Tips to Get More Out of Scoro (Beginner Level)

Scoro is a pretty amazing tool when it comes to customizability and cool in-app productivity hacks. We bet there are countless shortcuts and undiscovered features in Scoro that you haven’t yet heard of.

There’s nothing we love more on a sunny day than a hack to make us more productive.

We’ve collected 12 tips and hacks that our team uses day-to-day when working with Scoro. And you can benefit from these too! The article will take approximately ten minutes to read. You’ll end up saving hundreds of minutes.

1. The Meatballs menu

Whenever you go to any view (tasks, projects, companies, quotes, etc.) you can filter the list in millions of different ways (this is not a joke).

The three little dots in the filtering menu will open a whole cave full of treasures for you.

scoro tips for beginners

As you click on the three dot icon, look what happens.

scoro tips for beginners

You can use this trick in pretty much ever view, be it tasks, projects, quotes, companies, etc.

2. Sort your lists

Have you ever wondered how to arrange your projects in the list view by their start date or your client list by their account creation date?

Here’s the easiest way to do it. Simply click on the name of the column on top of the list. You can see which items are clickable by hovering your cursor over the column names.

scoro tips for beginners

As you click on the column header Start date, all your projects are ordered according to their start date.

If you want to sort your client list by reicent activity (let’s say), first click the View button and tick the Activity column to show up in the list view. You can drag and drop the order of the info shown in the list.

scoro tips for beginners

Now the column is added to the list view. Click on the name of the column to sort the list by activity.

scoro tips for beginners

3. Add custom fields to list views

If your company uses custom fields in Scoro (extra information you can add to your tasks, projects, clients, etc.) you can filter any list or view according to your needs. You can also add custom columns to your lists. There are so many possibilities (you never even imagined exist in Scoro!) with custom fields that you just need to explore.

Read all about custom fields and how to set them up.

Here’s an example with a custom field Lead source that enables to define clients by their lead, and therefore help you plan your marketing activities better, for example.

To filter a list by an already existing custom field, you simply need to click on the three dots (meatballs) menu. For example, we filtered the companies list by the filter Lead source, more specifically Digital advertising.

scoro save as bookmark

To add a custom column to your list view, click the View button and tick the suitable viewing option. Just click the name of the column to sort the list.

scoro save as bookmark

Remember this hack whenever you organise and filter your lists. It will make your work so much easier!

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4. Bookmark anything

Alright. We learned how to filter lists in more comprehensive ways. But wouldn’t it be nice to save these filtered lists, so that you wouldn’t have to set all parameters manually the next time you want to see that list again?

In fact, you can save any filtered list as a bookmark and access it by clicking on the Bookmarks icon in the header menu.

scoro bookmarks

To save a filtered list as a bookmark, select the filters you’d like to apply. Next, click on the Bookmarks button and select Save as bookmark.

scoro save as bookmark

Your new bookmark will appear next to others in your Bookmarks menu (shown above). You can also use bookmarks whenever you open a view, e.g. Tasks, Projects, etc. by simply clicking on the Bookmarks button and choosing an already existing bookmark.

You just learned how to save yourself a coffee-break-worth-of-time every day.

5. Default views

Is there a bookmark or specific filters that you often apply when working with a list? Maybe you’d like to see your clients filtered by their size or country? Or how about your task list filtered by projects instead of priorities?

To access your preferred view more quickly, set the filtered view as you Default view.

As you save a filtered task list as a Default view, every time you open the task list, you’ll see a list filtered by pre-set parameters. To set a filtered list as a Default view, filter your list, click on the Bookmarks button and select Save as default view.

scoro save as bookmark

6. Add a new task, event, etc. more quickly

If you’re one of those Scoro users that go to the Task list to add a new task, or to the Calendar to add a new event, you need to hear about this tip!

You’ve probably seen the small + sign in the header menu of your Scoro site. By clicking on this icon, you can quickly add any type of new entry, e.g. a new task, company, quote, etc.

scoro tips

As you select New task, a window will pop up where you can fill in all data needed and create the new task. Easy as pie, right?

Tip: You can also add tasks while being in other views (in contact, project, quote, or other similar view). The task will automatically be related to the same contact, project or quote.

scoro tips

Tip 2: You can also add a new task from the contact list view. Just hover your cursor over the company name and a small + sign appears. Click to add a new to task that’s automatically linked to that company.

scoro tips


7. Add another task

Here’s a tiny bit of advice that you can apply when adding multiple similar tasks in a row.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a Save and add another button in the task creation box.

scoro tips

Clicking this button saves the current task and opens a new window for adding another. But this time, some fields (activity type, and relation with a person, company or project) are already filled in for you.

Tip: As you send a quote to a client, you can select Add another task and add a reminder for yourself to check in 3 days (for example) whether the client has approved the quote.

The Save and add another button works like magic when you need to add many consecutive tasks with similar activity types, linked to the same project, etc.

8. Assign one task to multiple users

Sometimes, the task is too big to tackle it alone.

To assign a task to multiple users, open the task creation box and move your cursor over the people icon.

scoro add multiple users

Choose the option Multiple users and tick the people’s names you want to assign a new task to.

As you create a task and assign it to multiple users, make sure to notify them as well. As you check the box Notify, Scoro will automatically inform all the involved users.

Note! Assigning a task to multiple users means that a separate task will be added to each user’s task list.

9. Use time entries for collaboration

What if you need multiple people to work on the exact same task and you wish to track their time in a more effective way? The answer lies in time entries.

To create one task with multiple contributors, add a new task (don’t assign it to anyone but yourself). Next, add planned time entries below the task and assign each time entry to a different person. Don’t forget to uncheck the Done box. Each user can mark their time entry as done when they have finished their work.

scoro add multiple users

10. Add default task settings

Working on many different tasks can become tiresome if you have to constantly add information to the system. To make your life easier, there’s an option to set a default planned duration and priority for all tasks.

This means that whenever you open the task creation box, there are a pre-set duration and priority already in place. Many spared clicks equals a coffee break, right?

To set default values for your tasks, go to My settings > Calendar and tasks and select your preferred default priority and task duration. Don’t forget to hit Save!

task settings

11. Presentation mode

This tends to be a bit of a hidden gem, and can be very practical for viewing wide lists with many columns. Just click on your name in the upper right corner of your site and select Presentation mode from the dropdown.

The really cool thing about this view, though, is that you can set up automatic data refreshing. Click on the Settings icon and tick the relevant option. This way you’re always up to speed on what’s going on with your business!

12. Scoro app

This one’s actually the most important. Download the Scoro app from the App Store or Google Play Store and have access to your tasks, projects, contacts and more when and wherever you are. Make sure to set up notifications on your device, so you don’t miss out on anything while on the move.

Notifications on iPhone:


Notifications on Android:

Alright. There’s quite a lot of new information to process, so we’ll leave you to explore all the possibilities Scoro has to offer.

Maybe there’s another hack that you recently discovered and would like to share with other Scoro users. Do not hesitate to leave a comment and share your ideas!

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