Fridays: Reinvented

By reinventing Fridays, we are giving back over 50,000 hours to our team over the course of a year.

We’ll use the extra day off for family time, learning a useful skill, getting a new degree, or finally watching that true crime series everyone is talking about. We’ll also use the free Fridays to get together, volunteer and give back to the community or just have fun.

We believe that with the right processes, technology and mindset, a 4-day week will become the norm, changing society for the better.


How will our team be spending their extra time?

Hiking 500 km

Mihkel 🇪🇪

Business Development Representative

Learning golf

Patric 🇬🇧

Head of Solution Engineering

Being more spontaneous

Andre 🇪🇪

Software Engineer

Exploring UK and Europe

Maddy 🇬🇧

Head of Global Business Development

Having more time for myself

Stina 🇪🇪

People Operations Specialist

Learning Estonian

Juan 🇪🇪

VP of Engineering

Spending time with my family

Annika 🇪🇪

Head of People Operations

Upgrading my cooking skills

Lisette 🇪🇪

Senior Customer Success Manager

Helping exchange students

Kadri Ann 🇪🇪

Customer Onboarding Expert

Self-development in 3 areas

Agustin 🇬🇧

Global Product Marketing Lead

Learning programming

Julia 🇪🇪

Agile Coach

Going with the flow

Rudolf 🇱🇻

Account Executive

A Book About Time

Time is the ultimate asset. And the four day work week is a pure manifestation of that.

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