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No more disorganized spreadsheets and inaccurate proposals

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Save time

Use our templates to compile proposals and send them as beautiful PDF-files. Turn any proposal into a contract or an invoice in a single click.

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Be in control

All your proposals are linked with customers and projects in Scoro, which makes them easy to find, manage and share.

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Tack results

Get detailed reporting on all your proposals, filtered by products, services, team members etc to take action and improve results.

How is Scoro different from other proposal software?

While being easy to use, Scoro is not a simplistic tool – it helps you manage not just proposals but your entire company in one place. Moreover, Scoro’s reporting capabilities are incomparable to any other proposal software on the market.

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Send clear and accurate proposals and invoices in no time.

  • Create unlimited proposals for your products or services.
  • Send proposals as beautiful PDF files by using pre-designed templates.
  • Set multi-currency custom rates based on users, clients or projects.
  • Turn the work on your proposals into projects and tasks.
  • Create invoices based on your proposals and work reports.
  • Manage your client and product databases in the same system as your proposals.

Get a real-time overview and make smart decisions.

  • Get a complete overview of each proposal's and project's profitability or a real-time KPI dashboard.
  • View real-time financial reports on sales, proposals, and orders.
  • Track your time spent on work, and bill clients on an hourly basis.

Bring all the data you need into one place

Instantly connect your favorite tools with our native integrations and supercharge the way you work.

Customer success stories

Scoro has really become the backbone of our company. It has enabled us to pursue higher quality in every single thing we do. From sales and finances to project management and accountability.

Monica Fernandez, COO

Mallol Arquitectos
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We feel that we finally have a tool that enables us to grow – and that will scale as we add more people to the team.

Tyler Webb-Harding, Operations Director

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We looked at many tools, so I can confidently say that there’s no other platform as thoughtfully and logically designed as Scoro.

Harv Nagra, Group Director of Operations

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We looked at several tools, including, Basecamp, and Asana, but none could offer the breadth of features that Scoro has.

Attila Probáld, CEO

feat. Agency
Results €550k revenue growth

Scoro has ensured my team is not overworked, resources are used optimally, and less time is wasted on project management confusion.

Anna-Kaisa Reed, Art Director and Design Team Manager

Aava & Bang
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