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Scoro delivers above and beyond Mavenlink's project management capabilities. Get more value for your money and manage more than just your projects with fewer tools. Scoro enables you to manage everything about your work, teams and business in one easy-to-use holistic solution.

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Three reasons why productive teams prefer Scoro

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All-in-one solution

Manage every aspect of your work in one place – from your team, projects and tasks to contacts, pipeline, billing and reporting. Get a real-time 360-degree overview of your KPIs on customizable dashboards to make smarter business decisions.

No hidden costs

Plans and prices available to fit your teams’ needs. Options to pay monthly or annually. Unlike Mavenlink, Scoro allows you to opt-out mid-way, should you decide that you need another tool to fit your needs.

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Free support

Our dedicated Customer Support team plays an integral part in helping companies bring more structure to their work. We offer free premium support regardless of your package, and are always happy to help you with any questions.

Scoro vs Mavenlink

Which project management software fits your company?


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Easily customizable real-time dashboards

CRM & sales pipeline management

Separate and project-based tasks

360-overviews of a contacts & projects

Advanced custom reporting

Multiple company accounts

Project management

Task management

Time management


From $26 user/month
From $39 user/month
All in one place

Get a full overview of your team's work and progress

  • Create, manage, track an unlimited number of projects, and assign tasks for your team members to work on.
  • Track the time spent on specific clients, projects, related tasks and meetings in one place.
  • Manage all your contacts in Scoro, and get an overview of each quote's and project's profitability.
Real-time reporting and dashboards

Take your business to the next level

  • Forget about double data entry, spreadsheets, endless email threads, and find important data in a few clicks.
  • Having all the data in one system means that everything is just a click away – contacts, projects, reports, and invoices.
  • Track performance and your KPIs on a customizable dashboards with real-time data.

What our clients say about us

Scoro helped us to increase our team's overall efficiency by 20%. We can now manage our entire company with a single tool.


Dan Stevens

Primary UK

We are a remote team, working internationally, and Scoro is the glue that holds it all together.

Jacqueline Conway

Jacqueline Conway


Scoro's highly customizable system matches perfectly with our company’s structure and gives a real-time overview of our work, sales and finances.


Bart De Wilde

Cross Media



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