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New Work Management Software Onboarding: Essential Tips for a Successful Transition

Congratulations! You have chosen a tool that helps your team to plan time and projects most profitably! Or maybe you have yet to make your final decision because you still have questions. One way or another, it’s good to know what happens after new work management software enters the building. At first, it might feel a bit overwhelming – where to begin, how to get the team on board? How long does it take for this change to happen? All these questions are valid. Luckily, we have all the answers and support you need to come out of the implementation process confident and brimming with knowledge. Our onboarding team can help you answer all the “what if’s” and “how to’s”.

Scoro’s onboarding is a collaborative service. Our Implementation Specialists work with our fantastic clients to support them in finding the solution to utilize Scoro effectively for their company, preparing the site, and onboarding their team.

Our Onboarding process is divided into four phases.

 The Four Phases of onboarding in Scoro

Phase 1: Business Process Mapping

Our team starts by mapping exactly how you’re working today and identifying crucial bottlenecks you aim to address by taking on new software like Scoro.

Phase 2: Designing Your Workflow

The second phase is about the workflow design – how your team will use Scoro. Workflow design comprises several consultations during which we recommend solutions on how best to use Scoro for your company based on your requirements. We go through the different areas of your workflows step by step in separate sessions, from managing sales opportunities to resource planning and project budget tracking.

Phase 3: Setting up the Platform

Additionally, to advise you on how to use Scoro in the most optimal way for your team, we also guide you through your site configuration. This includes reviewing user permissions, setting up integrations, and supporting the migration of your data.

Phase 4: Onboarding the Team

Last but not least, we will get your lovely team on board. During this phase, we run training sessions in collaboration with you and your team to teach them how to use Scoro.

Scoro’s onboarding lasts between 4-16 weeks, depending on the size of the business and the complexity of workflows. It is important not to rush this process but to allow yourself the time to analyze, learn and adapt to the change.

Take the time to analyze, learn & adapt to change.

What kind of support can a company expect from Scoro during the onboarding process?

Our experienced Implementation Specialists will manage the onboarding process from Scoro’s side. Implementation Specialists will recommend how to use Scoro practically for your company, guide you through the technical configuration, and provide the support you need while making the switch and onboarding teams onto Scoro’s platform.

Our specialists will plan the onboarding timeline and action items and keep an eye on the progress and next steps throughout the project. As mentioned earlier, Scoro’s onboarding is a collaborative service. A dedicated project manager from the client’s side is needed for the project’s success.

Note that Scoro’s onboarding concentrates on product consulting, not business consulting. If you’d like to critically review your business processes within the new software adoption process, you might consider involving a business consultant to improve and develop your business processes.


Scoro’s onboarding team is here to support you in the implementation process.

How to get the most out of the onboarding process as a team leader?

Remember that, as with every new change, there is a learning curve. Learning and becoming used to new software takes time – this is a normal part of the process! Here are some top tips for team leaders to consider during the onboarding journey.

Appoint Scoro Champion(s) 

Your Implementation Specialist is the project manager on the Scoro side, but we recommend appointing 1-3 critical stakeholders on your company’s side, who we like to call Scoro Champions. They will be the primary contacts who will communicate the business needs, test your workflows, and learn how to use the admin side of Scoro by setting up your site. They will also liaise with your teams to gather feedback and share helpful tips on Scoro. Your team should know they can turn to the Scoro Champions with their questions about Scoro and share their input.

Focus on the priorities 

Discuss your company’s main goals with Scoro across different teams. Identify up to 3-5 key priorities instead of setting yourself up with a long list in order to avoid getting distracted by less valuable details that might inflate the scope and derail the process.

Although Scoro provides many possibilities, all the functionalities may not be what you need in your business, or at least not in the very beginning. Your Implementation Specialist will advise you on the functionalities that fit your goals and team needs.

Input from all stakeholders is vital

Here at Scoro, your input and feedback are invaluable in helping us tailor the workflow and get the fine details right. Remember that a workflow that works for you may not work for some departments in your company. Take time to gather input from different teams to gain insight into their daily habits and needs and include relevant stakeholders in Scoro meetings. This way, we can design standardized solutions and create unified workflows.

Less is more

We advise starting small(er), and as your team becomes more familiar with Scoro, you can add more bells and whistles to your new workflow. This way, the change is more digestible to your team, and you can fine-tune details based on your team’s feedback. Even though you will need to make decisions on the workflow and platform, you can (and even should!) finalize the details or build more elaborate aspects on top of your processes in the future as you settle in.

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional

Manage your team’s expectations early. Change management is one of the more challenging aspects of any implementation, and thus also key to its success. It’s essential to communicate the upcoming change to your team as early as possible.

1. Explain to the team the reasons for this decision – what problem your company is solving with this change.
2. Bring out the benefits for the company and individuals. Examples could include: less manual work, more automation and transparency, and reduced stress, amongst many others.
3. Make sure your team knows whom to turn to (The Scoro Champions in your company) with any questions or concerns.
4. Celebrate the fact that you have brought more structure to the company and set it up for growth and success!

Think through your priorities and what you want to achieve with the change, and get ready to bring structure to your business in collaboration with our onboarding team!

What Our Customers Have to Say

“When considering platforms in this space, we looked at quite a few – Scoro is leagues ahead of the others. I can confidently say there were no other platforms with such a thoughtful UX for the end-to-end process. Next, from the initial sales consulting team, to the onboarding specialist, to the after-care and support, we’ve been thoroughly impressed not only with how pleasant the Scoro team are to work with, but how knowledgeable, responsive and amenable to feedback they are as well. Lastly, the platform – easy to use, beautiful, and constantly coming out with new features. It’s reassuring to move to a platform you know is going places and is under regular development.”

“Scoro is systems-oriented and flexible. We opted to have full onboarding help, so it was adapted to our workflow. This made us think in a systems manner which allowed us to discover ways to improve efficiencies. Recent updates, including the Gannt chart, provide performance information that is easy to assimilate.”

“Have checked numerous systems for our daily tasks, but Scoro seems to be the first that attracted my attention since first demo observation. Implementation took so short due to the ease of use, all of our staff started to like and work with Scoro since the first day. Onboarding took about the month, but after a week we have started to use this nearly at full scale.”

Source: G2 Reviews

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