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Keeping a healthy work-life balance: 10 Tips from #TeamScoro

Maintaining a positive work-life balance is an essential part of Scoro’s culture and values. We all have only 24 hours in a day, and to have more time for ourselves, we encourage our team members to “Work Smarter Not Harder”. However, this balance doesn’t just come from the employer. It is something that a person should want and create for themselves. That’s why we asked our fellow Scorers what would be the one tip they would like to share with other team members on keeping a healthy work-life balance.

Based on their input, we have put together a helpful list of 10 tips to remember when figuring out your healthy work-life balance.

1. People’s energy levels, productivity, and focus work in cycles. You don’t have the same energy level and focus daily, which is normal.

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I find that checking in daily and setting boundaries for myself is vital. Every day I use a number chart to track where my stress levels are at (I'm a visual learner), and I base my activities for the day accordingly. If I'm at six or seven, I may include a few more breaks in my day (like watering my plants or a 15-minute walk with my dog) to decompress between meetings. – Kristi McQueen, SMB Account Executive

2. Be mindful of your overall health and take time for yourself – sleep, rest, take a break when needed, exercise, and eat well. Get some fresh air every day, especially during the light hours. Your mind and body are optimized and in better shape for tomorrow.

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I always wake up early, so I have time to stretch myself, do some yoga or pilates, and do all the morning stuff. Besides that, I like to walk to the office, which takes around 45 to 50 minutes one way. It keeps my energy levels up and is a nice boost for the day! – André Rampanelli, Software Engineer

3. Find something else you’re passionate about (additionally to work) – a hobby, training, sports, etc. If working remotely from an exotic place is something you have fantasized about, talk to your team lead, and discuss the possibilities.

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Travelling is my passion and a way out of my everyday routine. Thanks to remote working possibilities, I can combine my job and travel aspirations - do my work tasks during the day and explore the new location in the evening. This kind of routine and balance keeps my mind bright and happy and gives me new motivation to contribute to my work even more. – Hiie-Liin Tamm, Recruitment Team Lead

4. Make sure you know the meaning of what you do. Working becomes fulfilling if you understand the importance of your actions. 

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I'm the biggest fan of Scoro. We use it daily, and I love seeing how we have grown and how much more our software can do. I love seeing how we help our customers to save time and remove friction and headaches. – Elvita Verbele, Head of Growth Operations

5. Accept that challenges are a part of life in general. With that mindset, whenever you feel overwhelmed, zoom out, relax and take a break before making the call. Ask yourself if this challenging situation can be seen as an exciting one instead?

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I love working with people; it is both fulfilling and challenging. We all have our own ways of seeing and doing things, and when keeping an open mind, you can see the value of different perspectives and how they complement each other. When facing a challenge, you can see it as a problem or just a situation that needs to be solved. And finding this solution can be handled as an exciting journey full of different options. In case it does not come naturally - your mind is a powerful tool, and you can change your thought process in your favor if you focus on it. – Annika Albert, Head of People Operations.

6. Don’t push yourself over the limits. Keep yourself on a schedule unless something super urgent happens that you have to deal with. Acknowledge that the balance is something you also have to reach for yourself. Log and track your time to understand your workload and priorities. Talk to your team lead to address any challenges you might have.

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Planning the day-to-day activities helps me maintain a good balance between life and work. Setting manageable goals each day and reaching them gives a sense of accomplishment and control. It cuts off thoughts of work once I step over the threshold when I leave for the day and keeps me from dwelling on unfinished tasks back at home. By following a well-laid plan, I have enough time and energy for family, friends, me-time, or anything important to me. – Yana Leonenko, Head of Customer Support

7. Share feedback and ask for help if needed. Learn to say no and speak up when too much is on your plate. Be honest during the 1-on-1 meetings and talk about your struggles.

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The courage to ask for and accept help is something I have learned as a working mother of three. Build a strong support network - you don't have to do everything yourself! As a leader, I try to give my team members a bit of freedom to do and achieve things themselves and offer support and a second opinion when needed. – Merle Rannala, VP of Operations

8. Try not to use your phone during the first hour of the day. It keeps you more focused and productive. Instead, do your sports routine before coming to work. 

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I like waking up early, and my morning routine includes some learning, followed by sports activities. My workouts are pretty hard, and I usually feel energized before the beginning of my workday. – Julia Västrik, Agile Coach

9. Planning-planning-planning! Bring structure to your day – plan your work, breaks, and leisure time. Schedule the personal time in your calendar. Plan a “transitional activity” for yourself for the end of the day. This way, you won’t forget yourself behind the computer. Go for a walk, do a workout, etc. It helps to switch and get the mind on other things.

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Supporting a healthy work-life balance was key to my initial attraction to Scoro. I'm focused on maintaining an active lifestyle, so I must use my lunch breaks and evenings to go to the gym or play football to relieve stress. – Steven Nformba, Business Development Representative

10. Own your working routine by editing the notifications that might be distracting, and make sure not to check Slack and email after you have finished your workday. 

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I always clear my inbox at the end of each day so that when I log on the following day, I can deal with anything urgent. Having a clean inbox helps me keep a clear mind and focus; the same is valid with Slack. I will check 3-4 times a day, and when I do, I go through all messages and reply to the ones requiring my input. – Andrew Pringle, VP of Sales

Time is one of our most significant assets in life. At Scoro, we work every day to create and improve a tool that helps people to work efficiently and, as a result – have time for everything they desire to do. If you share our mindset and want to be part of this journey, check our Open Roles and send your application today.

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