How PSA Software Boosts Consulting Services Project Management

PSA (Professional Services Automation) software can help streamline consulting services project management by providing integrated project management tools. 

Consulting services are complex operations that require efficient management to ensure success. Project management in consulting services involves planning, organizing, and coordinating resources to achieve specific objectives. 

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of PSA software for consultancies and look at two case studies demonstrating how Scoro has helped consulting firms streamline their project management processes.

Benefits Of Integrated Project Management Software For Consultancies

Consulting firms often have multiple projects running simultaneously with various clients, making managing resources, tracking time, planning, and collaborating challenging. 

PSA software like Scoro can help overcome these challenges by providing a centralized platform for managing projects and resources.

Resource management

With PSA software, consultants can allocate resources effectively and avoid overloading team members. PSA software also provides visibility into resource availability and utilization, making planning and prioritizing tasks easier.

Track time

Time tracking is another essential feature of PSA software for consultancies. Consultants can easily track the time spent on different projects, which helps project managers analyze project profitability and make informed decisions. 

With PSA software, consultants can log their time spent on different tasks and activities, making it easier to invoice clients accurately and provide transparent reporting.

Planning and scheduling

Project planning and scheduling are critical aspects of consulting services project management. PSA software provides project planning and scheduling tools, including task assignment, deadlines, and dependencies.

With PSA software, project managers can create project timelines, set milestones, and assign tasks to team members, making it easier to manage project progress.


Collaboration is vital to successful consulting services project management, and PSA software enables this by providing a central platform for communication and file sharing. 

With PSA software, team members can collaborate effectively, share information, and stay up-to-date on project progress.

Invoicing and payments

Finally, PSA software allows consultants to generate invoices and track payments efficiently. With PSA software, consultants can streamline invoicing and billing processes, ensuring timely and accurate payments. PSA software also provides real-time visibility into invoicing and billing data, making tracking project profitability and cash flow more manageable.

PSA software provides a comprehensive suite of tools for consulting firms, making it easier to manage project resources, track time, plan and schedule projects, collaborate effectively, and manage invoicing and billing processes. 

If you’re a consulting firm looking to streamline your project management processes, consider implementing PSA software like Scoro.

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Scoro In Action: Stratford Group

Colleen Kelley, Stratford Group

Let’s explore how Scoro’s professional services automation (PSA) software helped Stratford Group, a management consulting firm, to improve its project management processes.

Colleen Kelley, the President of Stratford Group, explains that the company had a range of manual systems, including Excel spreadsheets, project management tools, a CRM deployment, and an accounting system that needed to be connected. 

Stratford Group defined three requirements to overcome this problem: an end-to-end work management solution, a project management solution, and an invoicing solution. After thoroughly searching the work and project management market, Stratford Group selected Scoro.

Scoro’s PSA software helped the company improve resource management, time tracking, project planning, scheduling, invoicing, and billing. Scoro’s software was implemented in phases, and cultural change was critical to the process. Despite initial resistance from some team members, they bought into it once they understood the system’s value. 

Scoro’s software helped Stratford Group to achieve significant business benefits, including effective collaboration, real-time visibility of project utilization and profitability, and client billings. 

Additionally, Scoro’s PSA software proved to be highly effective in supporting the unique requirements of a management consulting firm, as it was user-friendly and customizable.

Finally, Scoro’s support and responsiveness were essential to the success of the implementation process with Colleen ending the interview stating:

“Even during the pandemic we were able to grow. If we didn’t have the Scoro system in place, I don’t think we could have done it … We’ve also been so happy with the support. The people have been so helpful and responsive. Culturally I really like how Scoro treats its clients.”

Scoro In Action: Trust Impact

Let’s explore how Scoro assisted a UK-based consultancy named Trust Impact in finding a central source of truth for their project management processes. 

With rapid growth, the company faced challenges in centrally managing all the data, which they previously did through spreadsheets and Quickbooks. 

Matt Stevenson Dodd, Managing Director states: 

“Trust Impact is a very lean organization. We don’t have offices, we’re all online in different parts of the world. Essentially, it relies on something central to coordinate everything – a central point of truth. That’s what we were looking for.” 

Scoro’s PSA software helped overcome the challenges they were facing, providing them with a centralized data management system, improved collaboration and communication, accurate project tracking and reporting, and streamlined invoicing and billing.

Trust Impact was looking for project management software to help them manage processes from start to finish, including tracking project costs and budgets. After evaluating multiple solutions, they found that Scoro’s end-to-end capabilities, including interlinked CRM and sales, advanced project management and tracking, time and resource management, budgeting and cost management, and billing and process automation, appealed to them.

The company’s switch to Scoro helped them in several ways. Scoro’s real-time overview and transparency gave them a complete business overview while taking advantage of essential details. 

Scoro’s project budget management feature helped Trust Impact gain a detailed understanding of their project progress and performance in real-time. 

Scoro’s workflow automation also helped them automate processes and streamline their invoicing and billing.

Overall, Scoro provided Trust Impact with a digital workspace where all essential data about projects and tasks was always available, no matter where people worked. Scoro’s dashboard, cost, revenue, average time to convert, conversion rates, and other features helped Trust Impact better understand its business and project progress.

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Streamline Your Project Management Process 

By providing integrated tools, PSA software can help consulting firms streamline their project management processes. Scoro is a PSA software that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for consulting firms. 

The case studies discussed in this blog demonstrate how Scoro has helped consulting firms improve resource management, time tracking, project planning, scheduling, collaboration, and invoicing and billing. 

If you are a consulting firm looking to streamline your project management processes, consider implementing PSA software like Scoro.

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