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Agency Increases Revenue by 40% with Productivity Tools

AirGuru is a fast-growing travel agency, that’s innovating the travel deals marketplace industry by a storm. They use advanced technology in transforming the way consumers plan and purchase travel services.

Founded in 2013, they’ve managed to increase their sales revenue from €3.2m per year to €4.5m – with almost the same number of employees. And they’re saying innovative productivity tools play a huge role in this. They are proud to be one of the fastest-growing travel agencies in the region.


The entire team from Operations to Content and Marketing use Scoro.

The most used features are the Order and Invoicing features. The marketing team is using the Contact Card features for flash sales and remarketing. The Management and Sales teams use Scoro on a daily basis for business analysis and monitoring sales. Their mid-back office team uses Scoro every day for accounting and legal information. They also use the Outlook calendar integration to see the tasks not only in Scoro but also in their mobile and email.

The CEO of AirGuru, Janis Možeiko, loves the Custom Fields feature that enables him to add whatever he needs in the system. It’s great for analysis and getting a real-time overview of data usually left in the dark on spreadsheets or separate files.

 “For example, we can create a drop-down list of travel destinations, add this information to a dashboard, and cast it on TV in the office, so every employee of AirGuru knows what’s the trendiest travel destination this week,” says Možeiko.



We are quite a new business, so we used to work with Google Sheets. With a bit of coding and some extra features for Google Docs, we managed to do our small version of CRM. But it was extremely difficult and non-productive.” – Janis Možeiko, CEO, AirGuru

Essentially, AirGuru started looking for a work management tool that would be easy to start working with, and customizable for the company’s unique needs. They took several months on trying out different solutions, had demo meetings, and tried out some trials.

“I really liked Scoro from the first sight, because of its simplicity – all other work management tools were loaded with tons of features that were extremely difficult to understand.” – Janis Možeiko, CEO, AirGuru


Before Scoro, AirGuru used different online tools to manage the workflow, which made their work difficult to track. They needed a great business management tool. The most challenging part of implementing Scoro for AirGuru was getting everyone to use the same system. The team was stuck using their old tools, and the change did not come easy. That’s why the onboarding and team training proved valuable for the employees.

Essentially, people are used to working how they’re used to, so to give an instruction to start working with new management tool was not very easy. We really liked how Scoro’s onboarding team got us started.” – Janis Možeiko, CEO, AirGuru. AirGuru-Scoro


AirGuru also gives credit to the analytical side of Scoro. There are only 11 people on the team, but they input a lot of data to Scoro. “For example, we have more than five thousand different orders with a total value of more than 7 million euros. We can sort this data by destinations, value, dates, clients, peak sale periods, etc. That is very valuable to us and we think it is the main advantage of our growth.

“Decision to start using Scoro was one of the best cases of process optimization,” says Janis Možeiko

  • AirGuru moved from Google Sheets to Scoro to have a united system and get everyone on the same page.
  • As a result of more efficient work and business processes, the company’s sales revenue has increased by 40%.
  • Scoro users at AirGuru get a real-time overview and valuable insight into important metrics, which helps them to make better business decisions.

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