Free self-onboarding package

Free self-onboarding is available only for teams of up to 9 people. You have hundreds of articles and videos at our Help Center at your service to help you set up your Scoro site. Please note that the self-onboarding materials are only available in English.

Self-onboarding is not suitable for teams of 10+ people, because with bigger teams you will require our onboarding experts to help you set up your Scoro site, optimise your team’s workflow and get your entire company fully on board to get the most out of Scoro.

This plan is for you if:

• You are tech-savvy and feel confident about setting up the site by yourself using the self-onboarding materials in our Help Center.
• You have figured out the best workflow for your company and don’t need further in-person consultation on that.
• You have less than 10 people on your team.

As soon as you have confirmed your payment plan, we will send over the first tips and tricks for self-onboarding.

See more information on all onboarding packages.

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