Webinar in Partnership with AdAge: How to Drive Agency Efficiencies in 2023

Agencies face a daunting challenge. They want to improve work efficiency, communication and planning, and ensure that all tasks add value. But it’s often tough to do. Small and mid-size agencies in particular face barriers to growth, often lacking the means of balancing time management, client relations and staff well-being.

Yes, an always-on mentality and multitasking don’t help, but with the proper system, agencies can achieve more in less time, and with an abundance of unrealized benefits:

  • A happier workforce.
  • Differentiation from other agencies.
  • Better time and project management.
  • Client realization that you’re an efficient shop that runs lean—but not mean.

This webcast will demonstrate how you can take a number of steps to turbocharge your operational efficiency, and set your agency up for success in 2023.

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November 30, 2022

📌 Working with hundreds of agencies, Kevin O’Connor from Scoro shares the challenges agencies face around efficiency and what can be done about it.

📌 Samantha Stormo from NCompass International shares a case study on how they improved their agency’s effectiveness.

📌 Overview of how the visibility of your projects helps to focus on profitability – Patric Hong.

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