Claire Hutchings: Bad Agency Marketing Is an Operations Problem: Let’s Fix It

Why do agencies drop the ball on their own marketing? In Agencyland, we understand the importance of impactful campaigns, yet we frequently neglect our own –

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Communication and trust are the basis of any strong customer relationship, yet things can easily go sour with a few unanswered or delayed calls or emails, misunderstandings caused by switching between customers and projects, and so on.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Scoro’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Lauma Kaugare & Customer Onboarding Expert, Lee Chapman to find out how our latest feature, the Customer Portal, can strengthen your customer relationships by providing a transparent and open ground for successful collaboration.

During the virtual discussion, we talk about:

  • Transparency and why is it important to develop it in a company
  • Building stronger customer relationships by letting your customers in
  • What is Scoro’s newest feature, the Customer Portal, and why use it?
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Building Strong Client Relations With Work Management Software


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