Many of us hoped 2020 would bring in a new decade of prosperity and purpose for businesses everywhere. The sudden disruption from the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to quickly implement in some cases drastic and unplanned measures to remain operational.

Whilst no one knows how long we must expect to maintain this holding pattern of remote working and uncertainty reigns, we want to offer advice and real-world examples to assist you designing a sustainable framework that your team and customers aren’t forced to adapt to, but carefully consider a plan that will evolve with a shifting services economy.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Matthew Peng, Product Evangelist at Scoro and Rachel Aldridge, Chief Operating Officer at Bovill, a global financial services consulting firm, and you will learn:

  • How to successfully manage digital transformation
  • Key tips on maintaining efficiency & productivity while working remotely
  • Assuming a role of leadership to support your clients
  • More about Bovill & Scoro’s response to support their remote workforces by asking questions
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Navigating Your New Remote-Working Reality


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