Claire Hutchings: Bad Agency Marketing Is an Operations Problem: Let’s Fix It

Why do agencies drop the ball on their own marketing? In Agencyland, we understand the importance of impactful campaigns, yet we frequently neglect our own –

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Most businesses are probably familiar with their projects getting derailed or delayed for different reasons. One of the most crucial phases in project management is planning, and research shows that poor planning is acknowledged as one of the top reasons why projects fail.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Scoro’s Richard Wright (Head of Marketing) & Simon Chapman (Head of Solution Engineering) that details issues to avoid, why, and what you need to consider for successful project planning, including:

  • How to set clear objectives
  • Avoiding Expectation Alignment Disorder
  • The importance of having the right person in charge
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Project Management Mistakes To Avoid Part 1: Planning


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