Claire Hutchings: Bad Agency Marketing Is an Operations Problem: Let’s Fix It

Why do agencies drop the ball on their own marketing? In Agencyland, we understand the importance of impactful campaigns, yet we frequently neglect our own –

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Customer Day VOD

Watch our Customer Day on-demand to join us in celebrating Scoro’s birthday and, more importantly, the fantastic user community our digital workspace has brought together (and yes, that includes you!).

During the 2-hour customer event, we entertain you with:

  • Hear from the CEO of Scoro, Fred Krieger, how the world of work has changed and the role Scoro has played in it;
  • Unique insights into the success stories of other customers using Scoro;
  • Celebrate the beginning of a new tradition – the annual Scoro Customer Awards;
  • Tips and tricks on how to automate your work with Zapier;
  • An exclusive overview of Scoro’s roadmap and future plans;
  • And much, much more!
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