Scoro and Techopian

Techopian Asks Scoro’s CEO: What is the Future of the Office?

Techopian, a digital tech magazine, recently caught up with Fred Krieger, founder, and CEO of Scoro, to discuss what the future of the office will look like and how technology can fill in the gaps that remote working (WFH) leaves in the social fabric of companies.

In this interview, Fred shares his views on the future of work and talks about the weapons of mass distractions as well as the role of a chief time officer (CTO) in fighting these distractions.

“Even in companies where time is the ultimate asset – the only way to generate any revenue – people tend to be very precise when it comes to money, but quite vague when it comes to time. Here’s where the Chief Time Officer concept comes in.”

Listen to the full podcast.

About Scoro

Scoro is the most comprehensive end-to-end work management software for creative and professional services. Thousands of global businesses use Scoro to streamline work processes and eliminate routine tasks, thereby ensuring business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – from sales through to billing.