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Fonds PLECS Interview: How NGO Project Managers Use Scoro

Scoro’s mission is to help businesses worldwide transform the way they work, and as a result, save time, energy and money. And over the years, we’ve had the chance to collaborate with different and amazing companies. Today, we’re going to introduce a very special customer of ours – non-profit organization Fonds PLECS.

“Plecs” (shoulder in Latvian) movement has one goal: to give a chance for every child to grow up in a family by creating the necessary changes in the system, legislation, and society. By providing parents with support and knowledge required in the emotional upbringing of children, they give back to the community and create a more open country.

To better understand how Scoro is helping them realize their goals, we reached out to Fonds PLECS project manager Zane Karele, who has been with the organization from the very beginning. She started as a volunteer collecting donations used to create the program and is now responsible for organizing events for children and families to meet and interact in a non-formal atmosphere and manage the support program for adoptive families after taking in a child from foster homes.

1. Tell us more about your organization Fonds PLECS

We started our non-profit organization at the end of 2017, after seeing how many children were out of family care. With no good system provided by the government or any other institution, we felt the need to create a database that would gather information about foster children and adoptive families into a single system.

Within three years, we’ve established Fonds PLECS as a leader with the biggest database of families open to fostering children, making it so much easier to match the right family with the right child. During these three years, charities and government have been working together and found new homes for over 600 children.

“When we started Fonds PLECS in 2017, there were close to 1,200 children out of family care. With the help of Scoro, we’ve already helped over 115 of these children find the right home for them.”

2. Why did you choose Scoro’s business management solution?

We’ve been using Scoro from the very beginning. After mapping all our needs and putting together a list of features crucial for our job, we reached out to Scoro. It was the best CRM on the market and enabled us to set up a perfect system for our organization.

3. How have you adapted Scoro for your needs?

We are mainly using Scoro’s CRM and project and time management modules in our organization. The most important features for us are Projects, Contact Cards, Calendar and Tasks.

We create a new Project every time we receive information about a new child entering the system. This way, we will have an accurate overview of the number of children waiting to be placed in a new family and plan our work accordingly. Once a child has been matched with a family, we close the project.

We use Contact Cards to have up to date information about all the families in our database, including the adoption history, the number of children they are willing to take, and much more.

Tasks and Calendar events help us manage all the communication with the adoptive families. Calendar is also used to arrange meetings between the orphanages and adoptive families. In the past, families were only given an overview of the children’s medical records, but now they get to interact with the children before moving on with the process.

4. How has Scoro helped you manage the adoption process?

With Scoro, we can create and manage profiles of each adoptive family and have access to all the important data, such as:

  • current status – are they considering taking in a child and whether they have officially been cleared by orphan’s court;
  • adoption history – have they taken in a child before and/or whether they have returned a child;
  • location of the family;
  • latest updates – whether someone from our team has reached out.

Scoro has enabled us to find the right adoptive family for each foster child in the fastest and most efficient way. We have an accurate overview of the number of children looking for a new adoptive family and a clear understanding of the families looking to adopt.

“By having all our data gathered into a single solution, Scoro enables us to be much more efficient and save at least 8 hours (one day) every week.”

5. Do you have advice for others in your field?

Every organization could benefit from a solution like Scoro. Governments should consider it too because currently, every institution has its own tools, so data is scattered and communication impaired.

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