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Financial Services Firm Choose Scoro to Modernize Business Operations

CSA Group is a multi-disciplinary advisory firm providing tax, legal, accounting & bookkeeping, financial advisory, audit and assurance, fintech and corporate services.

Based in Malta, they have 80 staff who will all use the Scoro platform. The company is currently going through a restructure from a Sole Practitioner to a Group of Companies. To underpin this, they sought a new tool to manage their business operations on.

Previously, CSA had been using a legacy accounting system to track projects, time and performance. But it had limited ability to report on KPIs and was not well used by staff owing to its clunkiness.

Why Scoro?

Marisa Saliba, Chief Operating Officer for CSA Group, explains: “We looked at several different solutions, but Scoro ticked almost all of our boxes. It has a clean, modern interface and is really user-friendly. We could see that it made complex things simple.”

“For us, Scoro had the perfect blend of functionality and modern design.” – Marisa Saliba, Chief Operating Officer

“Our workforce is quite young, so our vision was that they would be entertained with the software. Virtually no business software ever does this, but Scoro is as close as it gets. And if staff enjoy using the system, they will use it in the right way!”

“Our only concern we had was that Scoro didn’t have local representation in Malta. But that was quickly mitigated by the support we’ve received, and the onboarding process has been really efficient and smooth.”

Best practice implementation

CSA formed a steering committee with representatives from each department to ensure everyone was involved. Each team had lots of new ideas about how CSA could work more effectively and collaboratively.

“We’ve liked how flexible Scoro is. We’ve been able to configure it to our requirements very easily.” – Marisa Saliba

Dan Roche-Scoro

Dan Roche

Dan is the VP of Marketing at Scoro. Dan has led award-winning teams for 15 years+, across SaaS start-ups, telco innovators and major global brands.

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