19 Best Time Tracking Software

Time tracking is a process in which employers track and record the working hours of employees. Managers can utilize various tools to monitor employees’ activities and how they allocate their working hours. 

Some of the tools commonly used for time tracking include Scoro, Hubstaff, and Freshbooks. These tools offer features such as built-in time trackers, geofence time tracking, and client-specific time monitoring. Utilizing these features helps in evaluating employee productivity and simplifies time management.

Additionally, tools like ActiveCollab and Harvest provide features like team timesheets and visual data reports. These features assist managers in tracking the time taken by a team to complete specific tasks. Managers can also analyze visual reports to gain detailed insights into efficient time management techniques.

Lastly, notable features in tools like Toggl and JournyX include their compatibility with other software and applications. These tools can be seamlessly integrated with popular applications like Slack and Jira, which employees frequently use. This integration enables employers to monitor the time spent on such applications.

If you are searching for the perfect time tracking tool to enhance productivity, we recommend exploring our top picks.

1. Scoro

Sales Screenshot Scoro


Scoro is an all-in-one work management solution equipped with time tracking features that helps businesses streamline their operations. Scoro has a shared team calendar and allows employers to track both billable & non-billable time spent by employees. Scoro’s drag-and-drop dashboard allows employers to prioritize tasks and avoid overlaps. 

Scoro allows them to manage their projects and clients with ease and helps them track time spent on each task. Insight derived from tracking hours spent on tasks can be used to prioritize future workloads. Organizations can use these insights to set realistic deadlines and avoid activities that waste time. 

Companies can use the hours spent on each task to determine their employees’ capabilities, helping them utilize their employees more efficiently. Afterward, employers can use the amount of time employees spend on tasks to determine their payroll. This not only makes time management easier but also reduces the amount of hours spent on redundant activities. 

Key features of Scoro are listed below.

  • Built-in time tracker.
  • Task prioritization and automation.
  • Configurable integrations.

Scoro’s pricing starts from $26 per user/month. 

2. Hubstaff

Hubstaff time tracking tool

Hubstaff is an employee time-tracking software that helps track the hours in-office and remote employees spend on work-related and leisure activities. Hubstaff allows to track the hours and even minutes employees spend on each task. These analytics can then be used to measure employee key performance indicators (KPIs) and prioritize workload accordingly.

Companies using Hubstaff can even ensure time tracking with screenshots, as it can help them see the work as it takes place. Hubstaff uses keyboard & mouse activity level data to ensure employers have real-time insights. These insights can be used to measure their staff’s time utilization down to the second. 

Hubstaff comes with simple and intuitive online timesheets employees can use to log hours spent on each task. It also has Geofence time tracking, which ensures that timers start automatically based on GPS locations. This helps employers monitor the routes and time spent on each job site. 

Key features of Hubstaff are listed below.

  • Online timesheets.
  • Geofence time tracking.
  • Employee monitoring software.

Hubstaff’s pricing starts from $7 per user/month.

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3. FreshBooks

FreshBooks online time tracking tool

Freshbooks is an invoice and accounting software managers can use to monitor and track the number of hours and minutes employees spend on work-related activities thanks to it’s time-tracking features. Freshbooks makes it easy to log time spent working on a project and can add it to invoices automatically. 

Teams using Freshbooks can use a timer helping them monitor the hours spent working on projects. Data from the timer is entered into a log used for generating invoices and makes time management easier and more efficient. Freshbooks can be easily integrated with web browsers and business applications. 

This ease of integration allows employers to track how many minutes employees spend online or using different business applications. Using Freshbooks also allows users to monitor how much time is spent working on individual projects for different clients. This helps employers determine how organizational resources will be allocated for different projects. 

Key features of Freshbooks are listed below.

  • Browser and app integration.
  • Client-specific time tracking. 
  • Automatic billing for tracked hours.

Pricing for Freshbooks starts at $8.50 per client/month.

4. Tick

Tick time tracking tool

Tick is a time-tracking application that helps employers run timely and profitable projects. It makes tracking employee work hours easier as it can be integrated with desktop and mobile devices. Tick also has a simple and straightforward timecard that employees can use to log their daily activities. 

The Tick timecard allows users to enter the project name, type, starting time, and notes, making tracking time easier and more efficient. Tick also comes equipped with another great feature called running timers. These simple in-app timers track the time employees spend on multiple tasks. 

Tick’s compatible timers can be used on all devices. These timers ensure that employees are able to log their hours regardless of the device they use. Tick also provides feedback to employees, letting them know how many minutes they have to complete a task. 

Key features of Tick are listed below.

  • Bird’s eye monitoring.
  • Built-in timers for all devices.
  • Instant feedback.

Tick’s pricing starts from $19 per month, but the initial package is limited to 10 projects.

5. Paymo

Paymo time billing tool

Paymo is a project management tool that allows employers to monitor the activities of their employees and track time. Paymo users are required to enter their timing for a project or task. Paymo allows users to add multiple entries for the entire week. Teams using Paymo can also harness its web timer. 

The web timer tracks activities employees perform using the internet. Paymo also features a customizable team performance dashboard that can be customized to monitor and track employee timings. The team performance dashboard can also be adjusted to show live reports of employee performance. 

Paymo’s Pomodoro timer allows employees to customize their work and break hours. Paymo also allows employees to add multiple entries at once, making it easier for them to log their activities. It also helps track activities and links them to tasks allowing employers to determine time requirements for specific projects. 

Key features of Paymo are listed below.

  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Bulk time entries.
  • Automatic time tracking.

Paymo’s pricing starts at $4.95 per user/month.

6. Replicon

Replicon time tracking tool

Replicon is an all-in-one time tracking tool that allows managers to track and monitor employee hours and attendance. It offers a great project-based time-tracking suite that allows employers to track the number of hours employees spend working on a specific activity. 

Firms can then use the time-tracking data to determine project costs and billables. Replicon also allows employers to track an employee’s paid time off. It creates review-ready timesheets using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. It can also track the hours global or remote employees utilize through the apps they use. 

Replicon ensures that employees never forget to enter their hours and minutes using push notifications to alert them. It also has a mobile time-tracking app that allows employees to log their hours on the go. Replicon makes tracking time robust and interactive by using chatbots to increase adoption. 

Key features of Replicon are listed below.

  • Project-based time tracking. 
  • AI-enabled chatbots. 
  • Notification alerts. 

Replicon’s pricing starts from just $6 per month. 

7. TimeTracker by eBillity

eBillity time tracking program

TimeTracker by eBillity is a tool employers can use to monitor how their employees are utilizing their time. It helps keep tracking hours simple by providing weekly timesheets. Managers can customize TimeTracker by eBillity to monitor employee activities by the minute.

These minute trackers can also be customized to round up time tracked to the nearest minute. Companies can easily use this time-tracking data to determine billables and utilize time more effectively. TimeTracker by eBillity comes with free apps for both iOS and Android devices. 

Employees can install and use these apps to make sure they never miss out on logging their activities. It also has real-time GPS tracking, which can be used to track the hours and minutes utilized by on-field employees. It also provides employers with time tracking reports which can be used to identify productive employees. 

Key features of TimeTracker by eBillity are listed below.

  • Time clock with facial recognition. 
  • Alerts and reminders. 
  • Timesheet approvals. 

Prices for TimeTracker by eBillity start from $7.2 per user/month.

8. Active Collab

Active Collab project management tool

ActiveCollab is a project management software that managers can use to track time employees spend on work activities. ActiveCollab does not limit a business’s time-tracking capabilities as it allows them to monitor hours employees spend on an unlimited number of projects. Employees can use the ActiveCollab stopwatch to log their hours and minutes. 

The stopwatch comes with a pause feature that employees can use to stop time tracking when they are not working on a project. Employees use multiple stopwatches at the same time to track different tasks. When finished with a project, the hours recorded on the stopwatch can be uploaded as time records. 

Employees can also use their personal timesheets to upload time records if they forget to use the stopwatch when working on a project. ActiveCollab provides users with a time records overview. Companies can use these time-tracking insights to determine time requirements by project groups or tasks. 

Key features of ActiveCollab are listed below.

  • Individual timesheets.
  • Team timesheets. 
  • Project stopwatch. 

ActiveCollab’s pricing starts from $9.3 per month for 3 users.

9. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice time management tool

Zoho Invoice is a major part of the Zoho online office suite and allows managers to track time employees spend on working different tasks. It allows organizations to easily track the number of hours and minutes employees spend working on a task for specific clients. Firms can then use these time-tacking insights for invoicing. 

Zoho makes tracking employee hours simple and intuitive. It comes with time that employees can use to track how long it takes them to perform a specific task. This timer can be activated and used on any device. Employees can even use their smartwatches to start the timer. 

Using this online time-tracking tool allows employers to ensure that not even a second goes by untracked. Zoho ensures that every billable minute is tracked and logged in an easy-to-read calendar format. This allows employers to manage their time better and helps them determine requirements for future tasks. 

Key features of Zoho are listed below.

  • Compatibility. 
  • Easy-to-use timer. 
  • Time tracking insights. 

Pricing for Zoho starts from $15 per month/organization

10. Harvest

Harvest time billing tool

Harvest is a time-tracking tool that comes with tons of features and makes time tracking effective. It simplifies monitoring employee hours as it’s an intuitive and lightweight solution that can easily be installed. Harvest can be integrated with tools like Slack, GitHub, and Stripe that employees use on a daily basis. 

This makes logging their hours much simpler as they don’t have to manually enter their hours. Harvest also captures employee hours and minutes they spend on web browsers and mobile applications. This allows employers to track and monitor employee activities down to the second. 

Harvest also comes with automated reminders. Organizations can set these reminders according to their requirements and alert their employees to record time spent on daily activities. Harvest also provides organizations with visual reports which help them understand that time tracking data better. 

Key features of Harvest are listed below.

  • Easy integration. 
  • Tracking alerts. 
  • Visual data reports. 

Pricing for Harvest is $10.80 per month/seat.

11. BillQuick

BillQuick time billing software

BillQuick is a business management tool that helps managers track employee working hours to streamline their time management. It comes with smart timesheets that allow employees to easily log their hours. Employees can even customize date ranges for these timesheets. It also allows them to copy their previous timesheets and helps eliminate the need for manual reentry easier. 

This helps employees be more proactive when it comes to logging their activities and makes time management more efficient. BillQuick allows employers to track every single hour employees spend working on a task to ensure accurate billables. It can also be used to track overtime hours and breaks. 

It comes with easy-to-use pause and plays timers that make employee monitoring more effective. The timers can be integrated with an employee’s timesheet allowing them to stop and start time tracking as they work on projects. In addition, it also ensures that all tracking and monitoring are DCAA compliant. 

Key features of BillQuick are listed below.

  • Smart timesheets. 
  • Customizable date ranges. 
  • DCAA compliance.

Pricing for BillQuick’s Professional plan starts from $19.95 per month/user.

12. Bill4time

Bill4time time billing tool

Bill4Time is a practice management solution that helps companies track time to maximize the productivity of their employees. Firms can use this tool to monitor the exact number of hours, even minutes, an employee spends on a particular task. Using Bill4Time to track employee hours is highly effective as it can be integrated with any device. 

Employees can log time with it from their desktop, tablet, or even their smartphones. It allows employers to track time separately for clients, staff, and contractors. Employees use multiple timers for different tasks at the same time. These timers then convert the recorded hours and minutes into a single entry. 

Bill4Time also allows enterprises to view daily and weekly time summaries and helps them determine how productive their employees really are. It makes time tracking even more efficient and allows employers to customize and categorize the recorded time by activity type and work codes. 

Key features of Bill4Time are listed below.

  • Multiple timers.
  • Billable and non-billable time tracking. 
  • Time summaries. 

Pricing for Bill4Time starts from $29 per month/user.

13. Nutcache

Nutcache time tracking tool

Nutcache is an all-in-one project management tool that helps managers track time within seconds. It has a great calendar called My Time. This feature helps employees simply log their hours and edit time slots. Employers using Nutchache can leverage its power timesheets to manage their employees better. 

This timesheet not only allows employees to add the hours worked but lets them categorize those hours based on project and task type. This time monitoring feature helps employers determine the productivity of the employees and allows them to allocate time and resources more effectively. 

Nutcache also allows employees to submit their timesheets to their superiors for approval. The tool is easy to use and ensures that employees are able to track time while at work or on the go. It also allows employees to run a timer on their tasks, helping log time spent down to the second. 

Key features of Nutcache are listed below.

  • Billable time tracking. 
  • Productivity insights. 
  • Time tracking timers. 

Pricing for Nutcache starts from $12.49 per month/user.

14. Toggl

Toggl time tracking software

Toggl is a hassle-free time-tracking software that helps employers boost their productivity by tracking employee hours. It makes tracking time an intuitive thing as it can be integrated with more than 100 applications. Employees, regardless of the apps they use, can log their hours in just a few clicks. 

Toggl can be used on web browsers, computers, and smartphones allowing managers to monitor every working second of an employee’s day. When tracking time, Toggl values privacy and ensures that employees are comfortable using it. This not only puts employees at ease but also encourages them to log their daily activities. 

Its drag-and-drop timelines allow organizations to visually track and plan every single second of their employee’s work schedules. Organizations can also generate and use time reports using Toggl. Time insights derived from these reports can then be used to analyze employee performance and prioritize workload. 

Key features of Toggl are listed below.

  • Compatibility.
  • More than 100 integrations. 
  • Drag-and-drop timelines. 

Pricing for Toggl starts from $9 per month/user.

15. Wrike

Wrike project management tool

Wrike is a project management tool that comes with time tracking capabilities and allows organizations to improve their planning and resource utilization. Its time-tracking solutions give organizations an accurate view of the hours employees spend working on a particular project. These minute-by-minute details can then be used to prioritize workloads and improve time management.

Wrike is suitable for those who prefer an automated approach and for those who want more hands-on methods. It comes with a live timer feature that tracks time as an employee does their work. Wrike also allows employees to manually add entries to their timesheets. If employees forget to add a timer, they can do it retrospectively with clicks. 

It also allows organizations to have full control over their timesheet. Organizations can use its locking feature to save weekly or monthly timesheets. This locking feature is customizable, meaning organizations can choose to save time for intervals they require. These time insights can be crucial when determining requirements and making projects more efficient. 

Key features of Wrike are listed below.

  • Live timer.
  • Timesheet locking.
  • Time tracking insights. 

Pricing for Wrike starts from $9.80 per month/user.

16. Journyx

Journyx time management tool

Journyx is a fun and intuitive time-tracking tool that makes logging work hours and minutes enjoyable. It comes with highly compatible time clocks that can be integrated with web browsers and mobile apps. This handy integration ensures that not a single second goes untracked. 

Journyx improves an organizations’ time monitoring abilities as it can function with everyday devices like computers and smartphones employees use at work. Its smart timesheets use an automated approach for that time entries. This approach is based on predefined rules and previous work hour entries. 

Journyx takes all the guesswork out of logging hours and minutes. This not only helps managers and employees automate time tracking but makes gaining work hours intelligence much easier. These data insights are highly valuable as they can be used to prioritize project hierarchy and make time utilization more effective. 

Key features of Journyx are listed below.

  • Smart timesheets. 
  • Automated entries. 
  • Device compatibility.

Pricing for Journyx is based on estimations depending on requirements.

17. Teamwork

Teamwork Projects time tracking tool

Teamwork is a project management tool that allows employers to track time and understand how their employees are utilizing their working hours. It comes with simple time sheets that help employees log their work activities in a matter of minutes. This not only helps them stay on track but also allows them to identify any gaps in their work schedules. 

It also has controllable timers that employees can start and stop while working on specific tasks. These controllable timers ensure that only working minutes are being tracked. This time-tracking data allows employers to accurately monitor how long an employee takes on a specific task. 

Teamwork comes with a great analytical dashboard providing valuable insight into an employee’s working hours. Employers can use this time-tracking dashboard to categorize billable and non-billable hours. Such control over time tracking allows employers to manage their projects, resources, and employees efficiently. 

Key features of Teamwork are listed below.

  • Time tracking dashboard.
  • Controllable timers. 
  • Simple and intuitive timesheets. 

Pricing for Teamwork starts from $5.99 per month/user.

18. Noko

Noko is time-tracking software that allows employees to log hours spent working on a project. Noko takes the number of hours entered by employees and quickly turns it into analytical reports. Team leaders can then use these reports to determine how to manage their resources and their employees’ time. 

Noko also helps managers use the number of hours employees spend on a task to determine the company’s invoicing. Noko not only makes invoice operations more efficient but helps users manage time better. Noko makes time tracking easier as it can be integrated with any device or operating system employees use. 

With Noko, employees don’t have to stop tracking their hours and minutes if they switch devices. This means if an employee was working on the desktop and switched over to their phone, the timer would continue to run on that device. This neat feature helps employers ensure that every single second gets tracked.

Key features of Noko are listed below. 

  • Compatibility. 
  • Time tracking.
  • Reporting and analytics. 

Noko’s pricing starts from $49 per month for 5 users.


ClickTime is a time-tracking tool that provides online timesheets to managers helping them track time and see how many hours their employees spend on a particular task. These online timesheets allow teams to have streamlined overtime tracking and time off management. ClickTime has another great feature called QuickTime. This feature allows employees to copy over the previous day’s entries simply. 

The Quick Time entry feature not only improves time tracking but makes logging entries much easier. ClickTime’s time tracking with a stopwatch is a great feature as it allows employers to see how much time each task takes. The stopwatch feature helps businesses prioritize each task and manage time efficiently. 

Clicktime’s stopwatch allows employees to easily track time spent on tasks. Clicktime also ensures that overtime hours and non-billable hours are being tracked. These insights can be crucial to employers as they help prioritize tasks and determine payroll. 

Key features of ClickTime are listed below.

  • Stopwatch.
  • Overtime tracking.
  • Tracking billable and nonbillable hours.

Pricing for ClickTime starts from $10 per user/month.

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