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Matthew Peng: How to find the right tool for the job

Harv Nagra

Some platforms for niche use cases don’t require much consideration – you can try, and if it doesn’t work as intended, you can move onto something else. Other platforms, particularly those that are linked to your client services and business finances, require careful consideration. How do you ensure you’re making the right decision? 

In this episode, we discuss why growing and maturing agencies looking to scale make the transition from disjointed tools to professional services automation (PSA) platforms. 

You’ll learn how to define your needs, select the right platform, and implement it effectively to drive efficiency and growth in your business – with expert insights from Matthew Peng, a seasoned software advisor from consultancy Business Continuum. 

Key takeaways include: 

1) Building a list of requirements, 

2) How to research and select the right platform, 

3) How to approach the implementation phase strategically, and 

4) Leveraging data for future business growth.

Don’t miss Matt and Harv’s valuable guidance for ensuring a successful transition.

Resources mentioned in this episode: G2 and GetApp

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