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October 2022 Version Update: Usability Improvements

This month we’ve made a few smaller improvements across different modules while gearing up for bigger updates for this autumn. Still to come this year – charts to visualize data in reports and first steps towards role-based pricing, billing and collaboration possibilities.

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Now it’s more convenient to check and lock your team’s timesheets. Navigate to the desired week in the general Timesheet list view and check each team member’s breakdown for that particular week simply by clicking on their timesheet for details. Scoro will keep the active week in sync between the list view and the detailed view.


The Availability setting lets you define the hours that each team member is expected to contribute on a daily basis. Now when you add a new member into Scoro, their capacity is automatically defined only in the availability schedules that overlap with their employment period and left blank elsewhere.

Permission sets

We’ll be renaming Roles and permissions to Permission sets for greater accuracy in the upcoming weeks. In the future, you can head to Settings > Administration > Permission sets to define and manage what your team members can see and do in Scoro.


You can now use OAuth2 for authentication with Gmail or Microsoft Exchange when setting up your own SMTP to send out emails from Scoro using an external mail server. This makes the process more secure as you no longer need to enter passwords or usernames of less secure apps to authenticate yourself.


Bank account and Reg No fields on company cards are now synced both ways between Scoro and Xero. This helps to keep data consistent across systems, reducing the need for manual data entry and minimizing the risk of human errors.


We’re working on…

  • Charts in Reports. We’ll be making our reports more visual by including graphs so it’s easier to understand, compare and present data. First up – adding bar charts to the detailed work report.
  • Role-based pricing and billing. We’ll be redefining roles in Scoro, so you can start setting different selling rates for people in different roles. Scoro will track your project revenue on a role level as juniors, seniors and experts collaborate on tasks.

Wishing for your improvement ideas to come to life on your Scoro site? Send us your feature request.


❗Not to worry, if your Scoro site hasn’t been updated yet, the update is rolling out gradually over the next few weeks.

We do our very best to make Scoro better every day, so we appreciate your feedback. Let us know what you think at [email protected].

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