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Professional Services Company Improves Business Processes with Scoro

Significans Automation is a Canadian-based global professional services company developing automated workflows for the printing and packaging industry and positioning clients to flourish in the era of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Founded in 2018, the goal is to deliver sophisticated prepress automation that will help their clients thrive in an era of robotics and artificial intelligence.

What Made Significans Automation Choose Scoro?

Before Scoro, Significans Automation had their work scattered across many platforms and continued to research a modern and integrated platform for their needs.

Significans Automation needed a better way to manage their workflow. There were two main challenges they were hoping to solve with a new business management software:

  • Poor visibility into projects. With information scattered in different applications, there was no real-time overview of all the projects and a lot of time was spent looking for information.
  • Inefficient client communication. With no clear overview, and a singular communication platform, it was also difficult to provide project updates for clients.

Having tested different resource planning, CRM, and project management software options, they concluded that Scoro offers the most comprehensive solution and is the best fit for their business needs.

“With a fast app and great interface, Scoro is the ideal solution to improve our business processes and boost growth.” – Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation

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Improving Workflows with Scoro

For a professional services company such as Significans Automation, it’s crucial to have an efficient way to:

  • manage sales;
  • track project progress;
  • and compile reports.

Scoro features such as calendar, projects, tasks and dashboard have become a staple for their entire sales team and allowed them to achieve those three core objectives. Further, they have noticeably increased their quality of work with fewer errors being made – and as a result, improved their business processes by 80%.

By consolidating all work tools into an all-in-one solution, they were able to improve other aspects of their work:

  • A significant improvement can be seen in their sales team. With a complete overview of projects, it’s easier to ensure that information is accurate and consistent, providing their customers with the experience and level of attention they deserve.
  • Team efficiency & collaboration has improved by 70% thanks to the real-time overview of projects. Up-to-date information enables them to be much more proactive and deliver better results faster.

“Scoro has made our internal communication and project management much more efficient. We’re at least 70% more productive than we were before, and working on a singular platform has definitely helped our business grow.” – Marc Raad