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Global Cybersecurity Firm Enhance Service Delivery Team Workflow with Scoro

A global cybersecurity firm with a goal of doubling the revenues for its 100-strong Solution Engineering and Service Delivery team over the next year.

This team, identified as strategically vital, had been running all its team scheduling and resourcing using:

  • Numerous Excel sheets
  • A custom-built application that had reached the limits of its scalability

To support their ambitious growth goals, they recognized they needed a much more sophisticated workflow – and software solution to orchestrate that.

They wanted to scale rapidly, bring structure to the process, execute at speed, and report on activities and success.

The Selection Process

The firm commenced a very competitive selection process, led by the VP of Global Sales Engineering and the Director of Global Service Delivery.

Their decision criteria was centered on finding a cloud-based, globally distributed system to support their geographically dispersed operations.

There was also a need to immediately integrate across multiple enterprise software tools (Salesforce, Outlook, and Chili Piper).
A further requirement was to ensure the system would future-proof the team, with functionality to enable additional integrations and use cases when needed.

They researched and evaluated numerous work management vendors over a two-month period before selecting Scoro as their vendor of choice to support their base of 100 (and growing) users.

Why Scoro?

Scoro was the most flexible and robust cloud-based platform analyzed by the firm that accomplished most of their requirements out of the box, while still allowing for integrations to be made easily.

With only a few modules being deployed initially, Scoro will be there to support the implementation of additional features as their needs evolve and change.

Business Benefits

The firm anticipates at least a 15% increase in operational efficiency, leading to higher revenues and better customer satisfaction.

And with the ability to track time at a very granular level, the expectation is for project profitability to increase significantly.