Creative Agency Increases Efficiency by 100% with Scoro

Graphic Evidence is an award-winning creative agency based in the United Kingdom. They specialise in branding, web design, and graphic design.

Since 2003, the agency has not only refined their industry knowledge, branding and design skills, but also the processes to ensure projects run seamlessly and make their client’s lives easier.

Their client list includes big-brand names such as Aldi, NHS, Royal Caribbean International, and others.

Graphic Evidence has been using Scoro since February 2016

There are currently 11 people working at Graphic Evidence’s offices in London, Loughton, and Harrogate.

Everyone within the agency – from the Finance Manager, Project Managers, Web and Graphic Designers, and Developers, to Office Manager, Sales Manager, and Business Development Manager – uses Scoro on a daily basis to manage their work and projects.

Before Scoro, Graphic Evidence used over 5 different online and offline tools to manage their business and workflow – one tool for project management, another for tasks, another for quoting and billing, etc. The tools proved to be clunky, and also did not provide the reports required.

Graphic Evidence started looking for alternatives, and they came across Scoro.

Scoro & Graphic Evidence – Adam Aarnold Scoro is vital for the team here at Graphic Evidence. I would say for the majority it’s the first thing they go to after turning on their computers in the morning. It houses everything for us, we’d be lost without it! We’re so glad we’ve found Scoro.

– Adam Arnold, Managing Director of Graphic Evidence

What made Graphic Evidence choose Scoro?

  • Scoro is a single hub for handling all of the agency’s projects requirements, including quoting, work management and tasks, team collaboration and invoicing.
  • Scoro allows to view extensive reports and analytics, to monitor the agency’s performance in real time.
  • The migration to Scoro was easy. Transferring data from previous systems went smoothly, and the support team at Scoro was always at hand to help.
  • Graphic Agency’s Managing Director Adam Arnold further comments: “Scoro is constantly evolving and not just settling with what they’ve got. There have been some great additions to the system recently, and from what I have read there are exciting functions on their way too! We’re so glad we’ve found Scoro and look forward to seeing what helpful new feature they install next.”


  • The agency’s efficiency has increased 100% – the team is twice as efficient as with previous systems.
  • Each Scoro user at the agency saves around 5 working hours each week – that is over 20 hours per month.
  • Most of the time is saved on project management, quoting, invoicing, and reporting.
  • As a result of increased team efficiency, billable utilisation has also increased by 50%. That also results in an increased agency revenue and profit.

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